Ads from 1939 | Part 2

August 30, 2010 — 5 Comments

So it’s time for another round of ads from the Architectural Forum circa 1939. I still have hundreds of pages worth of ads to go through – they take forever for me to scan because I love reading them and comparing the ads that are coming out at roughly the same time. These are among the first color ads I’ve seen in the issues I have, even the articles have all been in B+W.

I didn’t go with a theme for this collection – these were almost back to back to back.

‘Let the family princess steam her velvet gown or the young hopeful slosh through his ice cold shower.’

This ad is from 1939 and there is a NAKED LADY in the shower!!! Okay, she has on a swim cap. I am amused that the “young hopeful” needs an ice cold shower. What do you think they mean by ‘hopeful’? Hopeful for what?

What? Oooooooo ….. that’s dirty.


‘This is the kind of planning that clients appreciate.’

If it were me, I would have appreciated a porch to the front of my house…


“Avoid the risk of touchy situations developing with plumbing contractors over things that “jinx” the job…”

I just like the little dapper men all over the bathroom – they look so fancy. I wonder these little men are the “jinx”es the ad is talking about?


“…ask Bigelow’s Carpet Counsel experts for suggestions on corridor carpets…”

If your carpet isn’t gay, apparently the Carpet Counsel can help you. I thought people in 1939 sought counsel when things were gay.


“Modern ideas and modern materials are today’s challenge to progressive architects.”

Uhmm … what is that bellhop looking at in the upper left-hand corner? Does that man have Vitrolite in his pants or is the bellhop just happy to see him?


“The safety and convience  of circuit breaker protection are essential for a truly modern home.”

Yeah, you dumb-ass. Why didn’t you specify multi-breakers?


“Sisalkraft can be put over all sheathing and under the roof of an average $5,000 home for as little as $25.00.”

Your average $5,000 home? … that’s pretty good but a $0.10 spark plug? Shut up! That’s insane.

I hope you have enjoyed another installlment of really old and funny ads from a long time ago. I know I have.




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  • Love it how every guy is wearing a tie and jacket. Even the movers!

    • yes – everyone was was much more professional in the ads back then.

  • Jwkathol

    Hilarious observations! I wonder what we will say about today’s ads 50 years from now? Probably “meh”….

    • it will probably to keep track of the ads we see today or in the future since so many are digital. Even then?


  • I think I have that carpet in our Boulder home. Way back in the closet. Those jinx men have me wondering too, as they seem able to hover above ground. They are like the 1939 Pee-Wee Herman Creepy Guys.