An Interior Designer’s Bag

September 13, 2013 — 9 Comments

As part of an ongoing photo essay of sorts, I have been showing the working contents of various design and construction related professionals. So far we have seen the bag contents from an architect, an architecture student, a dry wall contractor, and for today, we finally get to take a look at what’s exactly inside the bag of an interior designer. I’m always curious about just what exactly is inside those bags and I have a feeling that today’s post will contain the most stylish bag we will probably receive in this series. At the very least, a high bar has been set for other interior designers … but something tells me there are others willing to pick up this challenge.

Today’s interior designer’s bag and contents:
Courtney Price
Dallas, Texas

Interior Designer Courtney Price

[you can click on the image for a closer look]

Interior Designer Courtney Price's Tote bag

1. Louboutin Tote

2. Nikon D5100

3. Sigma 18-50 lens

4. Sigma 70-200 lens

5. Farrow & Ball Paint Deck

6. Business Cards

7. Tape Measure

8. Altoids

9. Tiffany Sunglasses

10. Paint Key

11. Apple Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader

12. Extra SD card 32 GB

13. Microfiber lens cloth

14. lip gloss

15. Sharpie

16. Pilot Bravo – gushy pen

17. Soft Leaded pencils

18. Various whatever pens

19. Post it Notes

20. External Charger for iPhone/ iPad – Mophie 2029 Juice Pack Universal PowerStation

21. Michael Kors Iphone 5 Black python Iphone Wallet Iphone Wristlet

22. Rowallan iPad sleeve

23. Apple iPad Mini 16GB with WiFi

24. Exacompta Space 24 Calendar  – old school, and I like the feel of the pages

25. Miquelrius Soft Cover Journal, 300 Leaves /600 Graph Pages, Black (6″ x 8″) – I totally love the light small gridded paper. Keeps me in line 🙂


So there you have it, the contents of this interior designers bag … was it what you thought it would be? If you want any of these items for yourself – or maybe you just want to see what they might cost – Courtney was nice enough to send me links for a few of these items which I really appreciated. Sometimes it’s just easier to point someone towards the actual product information that try to answer the question at some point down the road. By the way, I’ve seen the “Apple Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader” and the “Mophie 2029” in action and they are some slick mamma-jammas.

You can visit Courtney’s website here if you are curious to learn more about the designer behind the bag [Courtney Price website]

I think it would be sort of fun to see what other people – designers, students, contractors [I don’t need any more submissions from architects] – have in their bag. If you feel so inclined as to share, just send your pictures in to me and I’ll try and post it here on the site. All you need to do is copy the format I have above (don’t worry about adding the numbers to your image, I’ll take care of that for you. Take a picture of your bag closed, and then one with all the contents spread out on some surface, with a description of the contents. If your pictures are in focus, chance are extremely good that they’ll show up here on site. I think this could make for an extremely interesting photo essay.

Just email them to me at bob [at] lifeofanarchitect [dot] com

You can see all the other posts in this series by clicking [what’s in your bag?]


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  • I marvel at the amount Courtney totes around in her bag, the heft of the camera equipement. Maybe a follow up post should be a picture of the arms which constantly lift the bag. 🙂

  • Robert Moore

    ” Exacompta Space 24 Calendar – old school, and I like the feel of the pages”. I know of what you speak. I can schedule digitally by I need paper to plan. Great post.

  • Jwkathol

    I dig that bag! Great post I also like the paint key. Bob I forgot to mention my drywall bucket is “Seau de Plastique” by Chanel Couture and can be purchased at Barneys… hurry before they sell out!

  • Courtney Price

    Thank you for having my bag be the guest bag over at LoaA, it is probably laughing too hard to want to return to me…

    • I know my wife would be happy to keep your bag and I would be happy to keep your gear – we would make it feel welcome in its new home.

      Thanks for playing along

  • Amy

    I would love to see what is in a female architects bag…. just for comparison sake…

    • I have one coming. I am only going to run one a week (typically on a Saturday) so it will show up in a few weeks!

      • Robert Moore

        I wonder if a female architect can afford a “Louboutin Tote”?

  • blcsquared

    Bob…what are your thoughts on this new trend of ‘e-design’?
    As an architectural-studio trained designer, I’m skeptical about the lack of a thorough site analysis. How can it be GOOD design without it??