Architect + Architect = ??

February 11, 2013 — 85 Comments

Valentine’s Day is almost here so you know what that means …

[cue sexy music]

It’s “business” time.

Architects don’t seem to get out all that often – and when they do it seems they are surrounded by other architects and other people within the “biz.” As a precaution, I thought I would point out that when it’s business time, there are few things to consider … specifically that mixing personality types and skill sets can yield some interesting – and possibly unintentional – results. After consulting with world renown molecular biologists (no I didn’t) and spending weeks cross evaluating current DNA models (I didn’t do this either), I have concluded with 99.98% accuracy (I made that number up) that the following combinations will produce the most logical – and ideal – results when two members of separate yet related industries get together.

This guide is only to be used by those 18 years old and older.


Architect Baby


Graphic Designer Baby


Plastic Surgeon baby

model baby


Architect baby


Lawyer baby


IT Specialist baby


Engineer Baby


German Engineer baby


Engineer and ID baby


Physicist baby


Interior Designer Baby.

Hairdresser baby


Kate Borson


I hope that by getting this guide published before Valentine’s Day, everyone will be just a tad bit more prepared, knowing that their actions might result in another architect, interior designer or (Lord help us) an engineer.

Unless they’re German.



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  • B

    Both my parents are architects. I wanted to be an interior designer but instead I’m lugging around a T-square drowning in coffee in the Architecture College. Ah, well, I can always specialize, right?

  • Ski Bunny

    hahahaha,,, you forgot the many gay architects… and female architects that have children too. not impossible.

  • Emanuela Agent

    My Dad’s an architect, my Mum’s a writer. 3 children: architect (me), psychologist and future filmmaker. Now I’m marrying another architect, so I guess I’m bound to have a family of architects.

  • Laurent Bourscheidt

    I am an Architect by trade but Working as Brand Creative Director, my Wife is a Hairdresser. What do you think our daughter will be?

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  • archigirl

    in my case it was: Architecture graduate turned 3D Visualization Artist + Intern Architect (me) = Divorced… Do you guarantee a cute kid like yours if the man is the Mathematician? Cuz yeah, I’ll have what you’re having…!

    • seems like a logical conclusion to me – we have the data to support that possibility.

      You’ll be very happy if you end up with what I got 😉