Architectural Quotes and Scale Figures

February 18, 2013 — 21 Comments

Today’s post was born out of necessity …

I needed to prepare some new scale figures and I needed to spend some time outside since it was 70 degrees and sunny this weekend. The result is today’s post in which I sketched up and scanned in my favorite 1970’s era scale figures (which are a tad bit sexist but amuse me none-the-less) and joined them together with some inspirational design quotes.

There are, of course, thousands of quotes that are inspirational but you might be surprised how many of those are incredibly wordy…

In that vein, I will cut today’s post short and simply leave you with a handful of phrases that I find worth remembering –


Design Quotes - Edwin Lutyens


Design Quotes - Charles Eames


Design Quotes - Julia Morgan


Design Quotes - Mies van der Rohe


Design Quotes - Frank Lloyd Wright


Design Quotes - Jeanne Gang


Design Quotes - Sir Norman Foster


Design Quotes - Frank Gehry


Design Quotes - Thom Mayne


Design Quote - until something darker comes out copy


PS – don’t be surprised if you find these on a t-shirt soon … my server bill is coming due.



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  • Kyle

    I want the architects always wear black on either a white or maybe bright red shirt. Just to be ironic.

  • I want the “Every Architect” t-shirt

  • Desperate for those T-shirts… Got already three people waiting… Cheers!

  • Anon

    I love the 70’s scale models in a set of presentation drawings. They seem to have more life/character to me than a photoshopped/blurred/light opacity scaled image of a person that seems to be used the majority of the time. But I also prefer the sketchy quality of a marker/water color rendering than a photoshopped one as well. I’ve been working in design studios for 10 years now and feel like digital rendering has suffocated the ‘artistic expression’ of most presentation materials & renderings. I even try to make my CAD construction documents look as hand drawn as possible.

    • All of the scale figures seen here get imported into AutoCAD and then traced over so I can use them as hand drawn digital scale figures.

      I can appreciate trying to get your computer drawings to look a little more like hand drawings – kudos to you for that.

  • I’ll buy almost any one of those t-shirts as long as they come in black or something darker =D

    I still say my favourite scale-model you use is Kate though… How else do we get to see her growing up?

    • Is there another color?

    • Thanks Ryan, but Kate wears too much pink to be one of my “on going” scale models.

      Shirts will be forth-coming, stay tuned…

      • Understandable… She gets used for scale enough on your IG activity anyway. I’ll be watching for the shirts

  • Could be wrong but I don’t think “oftener” is a real word? Architects are the best at making words up to suit their purpose.

    • Just don’t worry about “oftener” that’s part of the creative license architects get to enjoy. Besides, you you understood what the meaning was, whose to say it not a word? (besides the people who actually decide whether it would be a word or not)

  • valentin

    You always underline this idea, that architects wear black 🙂 it’s funny, here, in eastern europe, we are the most colourful people
    If you see black on an architect, it will be on his underwear, at most!

    • yea – I’m not sure that it’s actually true but it is one of the stereotypes that I find amusing. I actually do wear a lot of black but it’s because I have white hair more so than I am an architect.

      ps – I didn’t think Europeans wore underwear 😉

  • Thanks for a good laugh to start my week!

    • Thanks Nick – hope you don’t have to use those snow blowers this week (or maybe I do….)

      • Thanks, Bob. We’re definitely going to need the snow blowers this week; ugh… Thankfully the storm will hit AFTER our addendum is to be finished. There’s nothing worse than a winter storm in the middle of deadline week.

  • The short,simple ones are always the best. I always love the Mies quote.

    • The Mies one is my favorite as well. Direct and honest.