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[the number of weird Revit conversations I hear are not to be believed]

Bryan: Check this out – I got the angled curtain grid to work on this guard rail.

Smorgan: You got it to work? Awesome!!

Bryan: Yeah, I just went down here (pointing at screen) and entered the

Smorgan: (interrupting) You entered the angle, right? That is fantastic!!

Bob: [shaking head] … You two should start making out

The names of the “Bryan” and “Smorgan”¬†have been changed to hide their¬†weirdness

heard around the architectural studio #013

Luck favors the prepared so I’ve put together a list of the 10 attributes I think an intern should demonstrate if they really want to rapidly advance their career.

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Most people think getting older is a bad thing but I’m here to tell you that getting older is awesome! In recognition of my 46th birthday, here is my list of the Top 10 Reasons why Getting Older is Awesome

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What is motivation? Do you have it and if you don’t, where can you get it? Motivation is the ingredient that defines the difference between desire and will and that’s what we’re talking about today

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In my very first studio class, we had an assignment to make a color wheel out of found objects. It was hard – I remember riding around residential neighborhoods searching for flowers I could “borrow” for certain colors.

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Memories from Studio

Ever wished your sketches looked like mine? I didn’t think so but that didn’t stop me from sharing the tips and techniques I use to get my sketches to look the way they do

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To Delete or Not To Delete … How much control should I maintain on the content that is shared on this website in the comment section?

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