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Architecture is not a trade, it’s a craft … and to become any good at it, you are going to have to get it wrong for awhile

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[partner and associate having just gone through a redlined set of drawings]

“All right, let’s not have anything stupid on purpose.”

 “Most of these were on accident.”

heard around the architectural studio #011

Architects and the AIA

Bob Borson —  December 9, 2013 — 36 Comments

If you receive any sort of professional correspondence from me, you will see three letters after my name …

Robert Borson, AIA

But what do they mean and why are they so important?

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Few things are as stunning as a white marble counter top but you need to know a few things before you make your decision to go with this classic material.

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I can’t find any sketch paper.

What do you need it for?

Uhm … to sketch on

heard around the architectural studio #010

Gather round the drafting table kids, now that I’ve replaced my computer, it’s time for Grandpa Borson to dole out some more important and life altering advice

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Architecture is … the picture frame, not the picture.

~ William Wurster

What is Architecture?