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Creating realistic renderings in SketchUp is easier (and quicker and cheaper) than you think.

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Unless you spend all your time conducting research, there are too many kitchen appliances to keep up with – so I went to the pro’s who know. Here is a list of what I think (with guidance from leaders in kitchen design) on the top kitchen appliances.

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Homemade Easter Float

Scott Taylor —  March 29, 2012 — 12 Comments

With a little bit of plastic, some balloons, and some spare time, you too can have the best Easter float on your block.

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Modern Fence – Details

Bob Borson —  March 22, 2012 — 36 Comments

Because more and more of our residential designs are about extending the inside into the yard, we want to design our fences to read more like walls. This allows us to create a visually pleasant and viably usable exterior area.

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Shopping for Rocks

Scott Taylor —  March 8, 2012 — 9 Comments

I took a field trip to my local stone yard to get some info on rocks. Check out what I found out.

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Pool or water feature?

Bob Borson —  March 5, 2012 — 17 Comments

Pool or water feature? At some level it doesn’t really matter considering the role that this particular pool/ water feature has to play.

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Pinterest for Architects

Bob Borson —  February 27, 2012 — 29 Comments

Pinterest is a website that allows users to collect web-based images and assemble them by some common topic – an excellent tool for anybody, but particularly good for designers

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