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How to Build a Wood Deck

Bob Borson —  October 7, 2015 — 40 Comments

“How to build a wood deck” is a question that I ask myself more times than you might think. Despite having designed more than I can remember, each one has something that makes it unique and awesome.

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Trying New Things

Bob Borson —  September 28, 2015 — 83 Comments

Why would anybody in their right mind indicate shadows on construction drawings? Contractors don’t build shadows and therefore, they shouldn’t be drawn.

But what if the shadows actually helped?

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Everyone Should have an Oculus

Bob Borson —  September 21, 2015 — 30 Comments

Oculus is a word that you don’t get to say very often … even less often do you get to put one of them into your project. Let’s admit it, they are the duck-billed platypus of the architecture world.

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How does an architect that typically works on expensive and large projects take on a small project? Because there are no small projects, just ones that take less time than others.

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There are a lot of reasons why I like being an architect, but mostly I like my job because it hardly feels like working.

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Bob Borson —  August 10, 2015 — 33 Comments

Is it important for an architect to sketch well? What if they can sketch “well enough”?
I have developed my own sort of sketching style and while it isn’t art, I can’t imagine the design process occurring without picking up a pen and sketching.

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This past weekend was the culmination of several months of coordination, design and construction … and the Life of an Architect 2015 Playhouse ‘Outdoor Movie Theater’ was delivered

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