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Since all the entries for the 4th Annual Playhouse Design Competition are due by the end of the day today, I thought it would be only fair to show everyone what my playhouse looks like – I’m calling it the “Outdoor Movie Theater Playhouse”.


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If you think you want a modern style residence, you had better know what a level 5 finish means … and then get it. Dry wall finish levels explained and illustrated to help make it clear what they are, and why you want a level 5 finish.

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Architectural Redlines

Bob Borson —  February 16, 2015 — 42 Comments


It’s just a word but if you are in certain circles, it’s a powerful word. “Redlines” is all you have to say to either send some into some form of post traumatic stress disorder

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Hi. My name is Bob and I seem to talk about toilets a lot here at Life of an Architect. I typed “master bathroom layout designs” in to Google and what I found is alarming.

We need to talk.

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What exactly is schematic design? In short order, schematic design is the initial design phase in any project … and you get to sketch A LOT!!

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Design Awards

Bob Borson —  October 6, 2014 — 19 Comments

Architects frequently attempt to win design awards and after today, I’ll be no different. Here is my design award entry for the 2014 Dallas AIA Design Awards. Wonder if I’ll win?

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‘Voltron’ Model Table

Bob Borson —  September 8, 2014 — 11 Comments

A big model requires a big table … this is the ‘Voltron Table’ and it is, in fact, a very large table.

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