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No, it’s all about me

January 26, 2012 — 25 Comments

You can tell a lot about most creative people by finding out the design things that they admire. Here is just such a list:

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It’s all about me

January 19, 2012 — 35 Comments

Since I’ll be invading Life of an Architect on a semi-regular basis, I figure that I need to get to know you all a little better and in turn have you all get to know me

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Nobody is in the office and I can turn the music up to 11. This is the music that’s in rotation in the architect’s office so far in 2012

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Documenting with photos

January 9, 2012 — 16 Comments

It wasn’t that long ago that taking job site construction photos were simply photos that were a necessary part of the process. The camera on your phone is a powerful tool and with a slightest bit of efforts, you can get more with less

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Form Follows Fitness

January 5, 2012 — 14 Comments

Have you noticed the amount of home gym equipment commercials that start airing this time of year? This got me thinking … what types of home workout equipment would a STARchitect design?

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Job Site Culture and Pride

December 22, 2011 — 29 Comments

One of the modern day 7 deadly sins – pride … It is also what separates a good contractor from a great contractor.

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Charley Harper is an American Modernist artist known for his illustrations of all sorts of wildlife. He called it “minimal realism” but I call it awesome.

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