Facts about Architecture

December 12, 2011 — 58 Comments


Architecture Personified - the most interesting man in the room


  1.  Architecture received his 5 year Architectural degree in only 4 years
  2. Architecture doesn’t have a first or middle name
  3. When Architecture throws a party, he shows up 10 minutes later than fashionably late
  4. If a Grizzly Bear and a Polar Bear got into a fight, Architecture could break it up
  5. Architecture averaged 5.4 yards per carry in college but never played football
  6. In the song ‘12 Days of Christmas‘, the role of “my true love” was written for Architecture
  7. Architecture prefers his liquor brown and without any fruit
  8. Architecture has many lovers, usually at the same time
  9. Architecture told Le Corbusier that he should only use the first five points
  10. If Architecture enters a room, the temperature will rise by 2.08° degrees
  11. The Universe is expanding at 74.2km/sec/Mpc … Architecture is expanding slightly more than that
  12. Architecture owns the Dallas Cowboys football team
  13. It is generally thought that a female wolf will have one mate in her life … unless Architecture happens by
  14. Architecture has many secrets, but he will never share them because they would literally blow your mind
  15. Architecture has entered the Iditarod Alaskan trail race 4 times … and won 4 times
  16. Architecture invented water skiing on accident
  17. 74% of all Valentines Day cards are written with Architecture in mind
  18. Architecture taught Sylvester Stallone how to arm wrestle for the movie ‘Over the Top’
  19. No one has ever seen Architecture drink water
  20. Architecture can tell the origin of a piece of brick just by tasting it
  21. Chromium, the 24th element on the Periodic Table of Elements, was discovered by Architecture
  22. Architecture has never lost a staring contest
  23. The ‘Heimlich Maneuver’ was originally called the ‘Architecture Maneuver’ but Architecture thought that was confusing so he changed the name to ‘Heimlich ‘, after the man whose life he saved when he invented the maneuver.
  24. Architecture has never been married but he has been asked many times
  25. Architecture passed all the tests on the Architectural Registration Exam without having to take the test
  26. Architecture once ate 50 boiled eggs on a dare
  27. You can’t follow Architecture on Twitter, but he can follow you
  28. Architecture knows the last number in pi
  29. Architecture can talk about Fight Club
  30. Architecture’s sh*t actually does smell like roses
  31. At Christmas time, Santa Claus sits on Architecture’s lap
  32. Architecture once painted the world’s most beautiful oil painting using watercolors
  33. Lou skips to my Architecture
  34. Architecture went into the woods to get a Christmas tree and it fell over for him
  35. Architecture puts his pants on both legs at a time
  36. When Architecture chops onions, they cry
  37. Architecture considers practice to be a form of cheating
  38. The sun does rise and set on Architecture
  39. Architecture knows the secret behind Stonehenge
  40. If you have a good idea, it’s because Architecture let you have it
  41. When Architecture defuses a bomb, he cuts any wire he wants to
  42. Architecture actually knows what Willis is talking about
  43. If a werewolf bit Architecture, it would be cured
  44. Architecture knows what building Elvis is currently in
  45. It was Architecture that said that the 7th day was for rest, although he didn’t rest
  46. Architecture can speak Klingon … but he won’t
  47. Architecture knows all eleven secret herbs and spices in Kentucky Fired Chicken
  48. Architecture’s To-Do list has won a Pulitzer
  49. Architecture doesn’t need short-cut keys in AutoCAD
  50. It was Architecture that told Paul Revere that the British were coming


If you know any facts about architecture, leave them in the comment section or tweet them using the hashtag #architecturefacts




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  • VLF

    And with all those achievements, Architecture uses AutoCAD… Go to you room Architecture and don’t come out!

  • Steve Mitchell

    Neil Armstrong fist stepped into Architecture’s footprint.

  • BMW

    Architecture invented beer.

  • klg

    Ghosts look like they’ve just seen Architecture.

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  • haha_itslouiezz101

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  • haha_itslouiezz101


  • haha_itslouiezz101


  • haha_itslouiezz101


  • haha_itslouiezz101

    haha, you are bitch @:disqus

  • heyhey_its patty

    yo, you big-ass retard

  • adhera

    Lou skips to my Architecture means..?

    • it’s a song – “Lou skips to my Lou” but in this case, Lou skips to my architecture

  • woahness

    Architecture knows when the world will end.

  • Drew Hasson

    Chuck Norris is terrified of Architecture.

    • Drew Hasson

      Disregard, someone already beat me to it…. I am fashionably LATER….

  • Adriana Cecelia

    Architecture doesn’t need to sync to central. Central syncs to Architecture.

  • You can’t found Architecture, Architectures found you

  • You can’t found Architecture, Architectures found you.

  • architect1

    Rajnikant loves Architecture!

  • Tyler Durden

    Comment from Tyler Durden at http://www.pprspc.com:
    ‘Dear Bob, an architect can draw a circle with a ruler!’

  • Gordon M

    – Before the Boogey man goes to sleep, he checks his closet for Architecture.
    – Superman wears Architecture Underoos.
    – Architecture can divide by Zero.
    – Architecture knows the last number in the Fibonacci series.
    – Architecture once told Louis Kahn that you can ask building materials what they want to be.
    – Architecture once met a woman in a bar named Ayn Rand. After many rounds Ayn said she’d write a book about his life. Architecture asked she not use his real name, but liked the name Roark.  

  • Andrewfrancisco47

    Architecture invented leather

  • Mick

    I was always told that Christmas was Architecture.

  • Architecture is the weather.

  • Lindajohnhanks

    Architecture understands women.

  • Gr8! Really enjoyed while reading.

  • Willy Van Dong

    When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone he had two missed calls from Architecture.

    In 1972, Architecture was sent back to university by a client, for a building he didn’t design. Architecture promptly escaped from a maximum security exam to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, he survives as an Architect of fortune. If you have a design problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find him, maybe you can hire… Architecture!

  • Ejens

    Architecture is often misunderstood.

    Architecture is for the people, the people are often not ‘for’

  • ChuckNorris

    These aren’t architectural feats, they are chuck norris jokes with “Architecture” inserted into them… sorry to burst your bubble, bob.

    • I was actually thinking more along the lines of ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World”

      who’s Chuck Norris?

  • Bob,

    This was absolutely a riot. I see the parallel between XX, but I think your examples certainly are equally if not more creative. I don’t have much coming to mind right now, but allow me to get some caffeine flowing, and I’ll stop by later on to share my sparks (ehem… I mean flickers) of genius. Here’s 1 to start….

    When opening a bag of Lays, Architecture “can” eat just one.


  • Nyt89

    Architecture is why there is a dark side to the moon.

  • Architecture can plot the Defpoints layer

    • that is genius!

      • I was inspired by your list, and by at the same time, realizing that the drawing I received had blocks on the defpoints layer

  • Tom Emerson

    Architecture didn’t need any of the above explained to him.
    Architecture has a language all his own, you could hear it if he talked to himself, which, of course, he doesn’t.
    Architecture has a sixth sense – an impecable sense of style.
    Architecture is a Placemaker – when he arrives he makes the place.
    Architecture won a Nobel Prize for being at peace with himself.
    Form follows function – function follows whatever Architecture decides.
    Architecture could teach a duck to decorate a shed, but he prefers pheasant under glass.
    Architecture is in the details.
    If Architecture didn’t exist, you couldn’t invent him; only he could do that.

  • Anonymous

    Architecture doesn’t always drink beer, but when it does, it drinks a lot of it.

  • Brokenkeys

    (Circa 1948) Architecture; “Sorry Phil I can’t hang with you anymore. You’re cramped apartment scares the chicks. Open your place up, with glass, maybe in the woods, and we can hit the clubs again.”
    Phil; “Damn architecture. Damn whores… hmmm…”

  • Brokenkeys

    While vacationing with Frank Lloyd Wright in Arizona architecture was bit by a rattlesnake. The snake died. Architecture said, “If only there were some way to honor this creatures effort…”

  • Chuck Norris only exists because Architecture allows him to

  • Tim Schrock

    The chicken crossed the road for Architecture.
    Architecture knows which came first…the chicken or the egg. But he’s not telling.

  • ARCHcowboy

    Hilarious!  Nice job Bob!

  • Rob

    Who wrote this one?

    • I did – apparently it’s not landing like I thought it would. I was thinking ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’ when I wrote it … maybe I shouldn’t have been watching football at the same time

  • Brian Frolo

    I don’t get it.

    • Think of Architecture as a person not a thing, now imagine “the Most Interesting Man in the World”

      beyond that, it’s like trying to explain Far Side cartoons … it can’t be done.

  • RA SE Widow

    Architecture knows where the beef is.

  • K-rankin

    Is it just me or do these sound like Chuck Norris jokes with architecture substituted in. Still awesome tho. Here’s some more good ones.
    -Architecture doesn’t sleep. He waits and gets better with age
    -Man fears time, time fears the pyramids, the pyramids have a humble respect for architecture and consider him superior.

    • Guest

      Not for me, for most of them. Some did sounds like Chuck Norris joke and unexplainable.

    • Jeff Kareri

      Yeah, Chuck Norris!

  • Guest

    Architect or Architecture?

    • ‘Architecture’, it was intentional

      • Guest

        Thanks for explanation and now I see this fact-sheet with another perspective.

      • Guest

        By the way, mind explaining #1 Architecture received his 5 year Architectural degree in only 4 years?