Happy 4th of July!

July 4, 2012 — 2 Comments

I know that not everyone who visits me here at Life of an Architect celebrates the 4th of July (in fact, it’s barely over half – 52.65%) but since I do, I thought I would take the time to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day.

For the other 47.35% of you – Happy Wednesday.

Happy 4th of July from Life of an Architect

I thought about putting together a post on notable American Architects or civic projects that are particularly patriotic … but I decided I would rather be at the grocery store buying hamburgers, hot dogs, watermelons and beer for our annual 4th of July cookout. All my best to you, and thank you for coming by the “Life of an Architect”.


Bob Borson


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  • cnielsen56

    Trivia: in my native Venezuela, the 4th of July is “Architects’ Day”.

    • we need one of those day’s here in the States. I’m going to nominate April 16th (because it’s my birthday)