Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2012 — 8 Comments

Happy Valentine's Day from Life of an Architect



Oh yeah! It’s Valentine’s Day here at Life of an Architect … which happens to be the first holiday (technically the 2nd of 2012) that I am modifying my logo to celebrate. I hope you all remember the loved ones in your family with a hug, kiss on the cheek, and a thank you. I had plans to give Mrs. Life of an Architect the ‘Hope’ Diamond but those jerks at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum are “particular” about who they loan it out to.



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  • Is Cupid trying to stab your triangle ruler thingie? He looks a bit obsessed. 

    • I was “shooting” for focused, not obsessed

      … stabbed? You do know what an arrow is and how it works right? 😉

  • nicely done Bob! you always know how to do it up.

    • Thanks JB – somethings are more fun than others … this is one of those things

  • Modified logo, huh? I think Google does that – but they have a staff of hundreds!
    How do you do it all? Architect, Husband, Father, Blogger?

    • at times they all suffer a bit in the quality department – but we do the best we can (with apologies to WChurchill, sometimes my best is not enough but it’s what you’re going to get)

      Thanks Collier

  • Do I sense a calendar emerging just in time for the holidays?

    • that would be one seriously boring calendar …