… we are going to have to fix these whacked out dimensions

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even better stuff from Life of an Architect

heard around the architectural studio #007

  • Andrew

    Heard this yesterday: “I don’t know how to specify it…get rid of it.”

  • Marcia Kellogg

    Like my Marketing Quote of the Week, you should send company (and social media) wide. At the very least, keep a running list and publish at your company holiday party, like I do 😉 because it gives everyone a chuckle and brings them back to the project that made them say that in the first place!

    • Hi Marcia – that’s a good idea. When I prepare these “heard around the studio” quotes it’s really about recording the moment for me. I’ve tried monkeying around with font size so that I can provide some context but at a certain point, there are only 1 in a hundred that I could put on here. I was surprised to discover just how filthy the people in my office actually are.


      • Mark Mc Swain

        At my previous part-time office, one of our spaces had an entire wall done up as corkboard. It was a surprisingly useless space, particularly as a means of dynamic communications. Some previous tenant of the space had posted a note “Put No Messages Here” with “except with provided thumbtacks” in significantly smaller print, in one of those “I don’t know wht, Word keeps doing it like that” sort of way.

        This was a dam-breaker. Every lopsided fortune-cookie message, bon mot, malaprop, adage, observation, or even unofficial slogans, were posted on that wall. In whatever size type seeming apt. So, an 11 x 17 of “Semper reductio ad absurdium hic” might be next to a fortune from a cookie, with a 5.5 x 8.5 of “WETSU” adjacent. After a while, it had an oprganic sort of form. The CDO (like OCD, only with the letter in correct order) types would clear the mess and resort it.

        • lardavis1951

          Now that’s just too much fun – thanks for the chuckle!