I can’t find any sketch paper.

What do you need it for?

Uhm … to sketch on

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heard around the architectural studio #010

  • newyoker

    tracing paper is a tool for recording and most importantly refining architectural ideas. It is a sketching paper but most importantly, it’s a tracing or better term, refining paper that allows you to work something out by layering tracing paper over it.

  • Anna Eisbar

    The computer replaced the large drawing table, not the sketch paper roll. You can’t elaborate the basics of a project when you have to be precise, it must be low-fi in order to let you forget the details and focus on the general concepts. If you can’t find any sketch paper, sandwich wrap paper does it not that bad too, i used this during my studies because it was a third of the price.

  • It’s important to talk about the things for undestanding and this is what blogs are for. This one is a perfect example. Anyway I think that hands are closer to the mind (and maybe I’m that old guy as well…)

    • I am trying to get everyone to sketch something everyday – even if it’s something little within their project notes. Step by step …

    • Rafael Gomez

      perfectly put Stefano

  • Kerry Hogue

    it is still frustrating to me to see the young staff that do not have sketch paper, markers, or even a scale at their desks. Just because it is the digital age does not mean you have lose control of your digits to work with pens & sketches etc.

    • at first I used to call it trace paper but changed my verbiage because I was afraid they would start asking me “what do you need to trace?”

      I worry from time to time that I am starting to be that old guy that refuses to embrace the evolution of things, which is ironic considering it was that same concern that prompted me to start writing this blog almost 4 years ago.

      • Profiler

        I started toward an architecture degree in nineteeneightysomething at USC… I took a hiatus for the Gulf War… When I went back to architecture school in the late nineties… I showed up at a preliminary presentation with an armful of “trace” and realized how much things changed in only five years. One of my classmates pushed a monitor into our studio and had their prelim on a computer… I felt so old then… I did go through the CAD classes, but always rely on the mushiness of trace… bumwad whatever we used to call it… Still a soldier though, I couldn’t make architecture stick full time, all the time…

        • we need soldier’s – I’m glad that was a viable option for you.