You gotta do what you gotta do …

Augrey: Aaargh! [hanging up phone] Hey Blob, do you have any “connections” in the underworld?

Blob: Maaaaybe … what do you need?

Augrey: I need someone to put a contractor into some cement shoes.

Blob: Uhm … that sounds like something you need to work out directly with my “connection”.
[turning to address the other people sitting in the studio]
Listen up … Here’s a tip for you guys – Never be the middle man when it comes to organizing a professional hit, that makes you a “loose” end.

Smorgan: … a second tip would be – don’t talk about a hiring a professional hit in a room full of other people.

The names of the “Augrey”, “Blob”, and “Smorgan” have been changed to protect them from nail-gun wielding contractors bent on revenge

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heard around the architectural studio #015

  • Harry

    I am putting together the procedures to get our office ISO 9001 accredited but would like to look at another practices procedures which will then help me formulate what I need, especially on the ‘Core processes.’ Can anyone possibly send copies of these to me??

  • Mark

    Ywah, a firm starts building up a clientel of folks who only pay in bundles of cash start getting a lot of attention from official sources. Many of whom are loathe to believe your customer base is lanscapers and carny folk . . . 🙂

  • AlmostJane

    The late great Nora Ephron was certainly right when she observed, “What is it about men and “The Godfather?” LOL.

  • Gees that should be concrete shoes unless you want him coming back up… Just saying

    • I was dreading this comment but I knew it was coming … at least it came from you

  • Steve Mitchell

    Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

    • unfortunately, I am not a creme filling guy so cannoli’s are of no use to me

      • Steve Mitchell

        Take the “old fashioned” cake donut? I think they left that one on the cutting room floor.

  • Terry Freitas

    Talking only creates witnesses…… 😉

  • Adele Young

    OMG, the names alone made me laugh out loud. Your mind is broken 😉

    • I think you’re right, it might be broken … or working perfectly. (it’s a coin toss)

  • msnyc10

    Then again you could just ask for a good cement contractor and have the specs conversation in private.

    • this entire conversation should be in private