Leadership …

Augrey: [talking to Blichael] I am about to order the carpet [finger hovering over ‘submit’ button]
Wall-to-wall just like you wanted.

Blichael: Wait … what?! We have wall-to-wall carpet? I don’t want that.

Augrey: You said you wanted it … don’t you remember me asking and you said “I want the carpet wall-to-wall.”
[turning to Blob]

You remember me asking that right?

Blob: Yes, I was there, that’s what he said, “carpet … wall-to-wall.”

Blichael: [looking at Augrey, then at Blob … then back to Augrey]

[blank stares all around]

Blichael: Are you sure I was listening?


The names of the “Augrey”, “Blob”, and “Blichael” have been changed because it’s funnier that way … and I almost gave them cajun accents. Maybe next time.

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heard around the architectural studio #016

  • Eric

    “Are you sure i was listening” I hear that everyday in my office…

  • Steve

    Soon to be followed with “Are you sure I care…”

    • that response is typically implied in our office

  • AlmostJane

    Oh, please give them Cajun accents next time! Gare-un-TEED to be funny…

    • Ooo-whee! Dat fo’ sho!

      • wb

        Give them names that ryhme with Bob Borson.

  • I’m going to go out on a limb and say ‘Augrey’ is a woman?

    • You would be correct. Hopefully you could guess that she was a she by figuring our her name is rather than guessing based on the fact that she was the one talking about carpet (we don’t roll that way in this office)

      The real irony to the story was that I was arguing against wall to wall at the time and was “over-ruled” at the time so despite the head-slapping nature of this conversation, I am very glad for the change.

      • Indeed, the name was the give-away….but also the ‘I’m gonna throw this out there one more time just to make sure’ approach. It drives my husband (and a few of the men I’ve worked with) crazy but it has saved us from many near-misses.

  • BAH HA HA HA!! I’m using that. Even if I was listening.

    • Can you imagine asking someone else to confirm whether you were listening or not? That has got to be the world’s greatest free pass.

  • Kerry Hogue

    Listening — the hall mark of leadership.
    these “heard…” installments are great! keep them coming.

  • Doug Kuchta

    Lmao… I wish you had time to do this every day… Thanks for the laughs

    • If I didn’t try and keep things PG-13 on this site I could have something up here every day. Once you start keeping track of things like this, you realize just how inappropriate the things that get said in the studio actually are.