It’s Christmas: Want a new Brizo faucet for free?

December 6, 2010 — 86 Comments

So do you want a brand new shiny awesome faucet for free?

Brizo faucets is letting Life of an Architect run a promotional event and as a result, the readers of my site who play along get to reap the rewards. This is an easy event to enter and your odds of winning are surprisingly good. Cutting to the chase, I get to give away any Brizo kitchen or bath faucet to a lucky winner selected at random on December 14th, 2010.


The way to win is ridiculously simple. Go on over to Brizo’s page on Facebook and click on the Like button. Let me know in the comment section below once you’ve done that. That’s it … I know, that IS easy. If you are already of fan of Brizo on Facebook, just tell me that in my comment section. To make things even easier (like that’s even possible) you don’t have to know which Brizo faucet you want right now. Once you win, that’s when you’ll have to decide – and that will probably be the hardest part of this “contest”.


The open period starts today December 6th and runs through December 14th. Then, on December 15th, Brizo and I will run through the entries and then randomly select a winner. I will let the lucky person know that they have in fact won and will put them in touch with Brizo directly. Once you have selected the faucet you want, the fine folks at Brizo will ship it out immediately. Wow – so easy.


There isn’t anything tricky about what comment you leave either, you don’t have to be funny or clever. While I might appreciate it, your chances of getting selected are not improved by flattering or entertaining me – but I will make a deposit for you in my mental bank – “Bob’s Bank of Awesomeness” (sorry, no monetary value for deposits in my bank, and sometimes I lose things in there…)


So thank you to Brizo for allowing the readers of Life of an Architect to take part in what has to be the easiest promotion in the world. Make sure you leave a comment that you have selected the Like button Brizo’s page on Facebook and if you want to get a deposit in “Bob’s Bank of Awesomeness” you can like the Life of an Architect page as well. Make sure you are following me on Twitter so that when I announce the winner you can be in on the action. You can also follow Brizo on Twitter to get the latest updates.

Remember, only the people who leave comments on my site are eligible to win. If I only get 5 comments – while disappointing for me – you have a 20% chance of winning. Good luck everyone and thanks for playing along.


UPDATE – December 14, 2010

The entry period is closed and we have a winner. We took are the applicable entrants and arranged them chronologically from the time they responded. I then went to a site that random generates integers and plugged in the number of entries and asked the “computer” to provide me with the lucky winning entry.

#46!!! That’s Emily W. at Pegasus Lighting. I feel bad for all the losers but there will be other promotional events.



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  • ana

    you bet I want one – they are smart, stylish, modern, bound to become a cultural icon…oh a little like me. We deserve each other

  • We’re looking for a new home – maybe we’ll start with the faucet!
    Thanks for the opportunity, my friend.

  • Brians1999

    It has been “Liked.” Now send me a faucet! 🙂

  • Totally cool faucets. I “liked” them, but that’s an understatement. How come there’s no “love,” button on FB?

  • Kathy Adcock-Smith

    Hey Bob, I “Liked” the Brizo faucet face book page – today’s the 14th = hope I ‘m not too late!

  • rich c

    Merry Christmas to me. Like the FB page love your blog. the only problem with these beautiful faucets is that they make me realize I need to rip out the bathroom and start over….

  • Chris Payne

    Just liked the FB page and love the blog.

  • You and some of the other bloggers have been torturing me with these Brizo faucets for months. My greedy hands want one, so I just liked their facebook page.

  • timmyjoe42

    I just liked their Facebook page. They have some really cool stuff on there. This would be the excuse I need to get a new bathroom sink too.

  • Hi Bob, I’ve already liked Brizo’s Facebook page, made a deposit in your mental bank and am now hoping to win a Brizo faucet for the new home I’m building. Pick me, pick me!

  • I loved them, before, but I just “liked” them on Facebook!

  • Doug Phillips

    Nice faucets. Liked them on facebook, and here too.

  • Cool! I love the designs. I ‘liked’ them on facebook, but it’s really more that that 🙂

  • CMUW

    Looks like so far I have about a 1.39% chance of winning. Sweet. I like my odds. I also liked Brizo. And Bob. You know, just in case it *does* matter.

  • Greneleafr

    Liked Brizo.

  • I love Brizo

    Love them. Please enter me and I Like Brizo on Facebook.

  • McC | Arch

    boy do I need a new kitchen faucet…so I just “liked” Brizo as instructed.

    BTW – loved the “poo fist” post. Your analysis of the shortcomings of that house were hysterical.

  • lynni

    Like Brizo, love the faucets and I forwarded your site to a freinds son who is in architecture school at MSOE. you have some great tidbits of real life knowledge

  • Brion R. Judge

    Just “Liked” them, honestly couldn’t believe I hadn’t already.

  • Mila

    I like Brizo on FB – very sleek…nice.

  • nat f


    this would be the best Christmas present ever ever.

  • Jose Virgílio

    OK! It’s doen! I clicked I like it!

    José V. Teixeira

  • Liked! Pick me, pick me!

  • Eric

    I liker Brizo faucets!
    Love the blog, thanks

  • lisa league

    I selected the Like button Brizo’s page on Facebook

  • Craigford

    Wonderfully tactile yet beautifully formed taps; Brizo are my newest specification (if the client agrees!) Cheers Mr Bob. Dare I ask what age you started your formal Architecture Education?

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  • Giving away free stuff? Bob, you savvy blogger you, I want to be just like you when I grow up.

    Oh, and I liked the page like you said. When does my new fixture arrive?

  • Lance

    I liked Brizo and would love a fantastic new faucet. Thanks, Bob!

  • Jill

    Liked Brizo on Facebook. Finger’s crossed!

  • r m c

    i’m sure it would look great in my 70s retro harvest gold kitchen

  • Oh, I’m in!

  • I “liked” Brizo!

    A Brizo faucet would be fantastic. Actually, any kitchen faucet I don’t have to “Atari” down then 17° right to turn off, would be great.

    Promise I’m not going for the sympathy vote…

  • Hallie