I once had a jam box “re-purposed” from my work space when I was in 2nd year studio. I remember being particularly irritated about it at the time because I had just made a brand new mix tape and I had left in the cassette player (does anyone even remember cassette tapes?). I found the jambox two years later in one of the other architecture school buildings, sitting there on a table as if that’s where I had left it the two years prior…

… with no mix tape.

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Memories from Studio

  • loveesosaa

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  • Daniel Mortelli

    I remember bringing my own (but for studio use) couch at the begining of 3rd year. I had it with me from one design studio to the next design studio up until my spring semester of my 4th year. I found it in a different studio at the beginning of the semester… Funny how architecture students find that maybe if they took a nap on something that it can be their own. I did take it back during an all nighter…

  • Kerry Hogue

    I still have a shoe box full of cassette tapes. I only have one vehicle with a cassette tape player, but that is my home depot run truck, so the trips are not long enough to play anything. In college it was loud rock and roll on long road trips, which i did often. I listen to the same music today.

    • until very recently when I moved offices, along with a “boom box” these were under my desk …

  • Ed

    I remember cassette tapes. I used them in my Sony Walkman that was “re-purposed” by someone. I never recovered it but later purchased a “boombox” that I always locked up in my studio trunk when I wasn’t there in case someone wanted to “re-purpose” it.

  • lardavis1951

    Karma – that you’d find the “box” but lose the mix tape. I remember studio being a time of being under audio assault – and learning that I could use my skills with speakers to “repurpose” one of those large fiberboard waste bins with a modest radio and 5×7 auto speaker into something louder than anything. That is, until someone brought in a TV which really annoyed me with only the dialog and no visuals to fill in the silence between spoken parts. Really hurt the concentration, unlike the music (Jethro Tull, Stones, Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, 70’s FM albums; I worked at the Audio Center at the Undergrad Library, so we got the fresh pop albums after the campus station recorded them onto carts.)

    • that sounds like a sweet gig at the Audio Center!

      We had audio rules that I am still amazed that everyone followed – we never had music issues. Headphones if you wanted to listen to something that nobody else wanted to hear, and if you were in charge of the music (which turns out was typically me) if someone didn’t like what I was playing, I had to change it.

      Or maybe that’s just how I remember it because I was “that” guy

  • Laura

    I remember cassette tapes (and how much better they were than 8-tracks)
    but never heard the expression “jambox.” Boombox was the common term in my area (Arizona, California, Nevada).

    • we had boom box as well, but I don’t think we were exclusively one or the other

  • Jake

    side affects of studio life

    • luckily, there weren’t many instances of things going missing when I was in school. Even in this instance, I did get my jam box back. As far as the missing mix tape, can’t really blame the perp, I’m sure once they listened to it, they were helpless to leave it in place.

  • Mary Mabel

    I hear ya! I had about 60 of my Prismacolor markers stolen. Very sad day.

    • that’s a bummer – not to mention, probably more expensive than a jam box

  • AndrewM

    Either they thought the mix tape was so good that they kept it, possibly for the rest of their lives, or they thought the mix tape was so lame they threw it away immediately, just keeping the ‘beat box’. Pick one. 🙂

    • I can assure you … it was an amazing mix tape 😉