Oh Crap … Now what?

April 8, 2013 — 20 Comments

oh crap now what?

Oh crap … now what?

Those four words go through my head more times than I care to admit (7x a day) and 83.3% of the time it has something to do with Life of an Architect. The time is currently 2:58 pm on Sunday and I am sitting down in my spot on the couch writing this post and it is a direct result of thinking “Oh crap … now what?”

I already had a post written for tomorrow – well, mostly written – and during lunch today I was telling my wife what I was writing about and it went something like this (picture of Michelle and me included for visual reference):

Michelle and Bob Borson talking

Bob: So, I am just about finished with tomorrow’s post on Life of an Architect it’s on [blahbiddy blah – classified as “Top Secret” for now]. I think that it would be really interesting and could turn into a whole new website. One that would actually have some real value to it.

Michelle: That is a good idea but…

Bob: [interrupting] I need a name to call it, something clever …. I’ve got nothing.

Michelle: What about [“Top Secret”]? But still, do you think it’s a good idea to tell people about your idea before …

Bob: That IS good! Wow, I think I’ll go with that!

Michelle: Seriously, don’t you think you should work this out a bit more before you tell everyone and someone else does it instead of you?

Bob: ….. (puzzled face) …. (sad face)

Bob: Oh crap … now what?


Things are ridiculously busy at the office and since I do all my Life of an Architect writing at home (sitting on my spot on the couch) most of what gets written comes together during my evenings with the last bit falling into place Sunday night. However, tonight I am taking the family to see a baseball game and that means my post needs to be finished before we leave (otherwise it will be influenced by beer and heartburn). But today during lunch, it was brought to my attention that my post for tomorrow shouldn’t actually be tomorrow’s post.

Let’s dig through the “Draft” section of my site and see what there … maybe I can whip something together in (looking at the clock) 122 minutes. Let’s see hmmm?

Closet Information – A Starter Kit (boring)

Railroad Station (who cares, it’s from 1939 and doesn’t exist anymore)

So here we are … sort of (I’m either complaining or bragging so this one’s out)

Better, Faster, Cheaper (everyone knows about this, right?)

Brrrrrringgggg! Hello? Architect’s office. (Still has potential, needs ALL the graphics done)

Spouses of Architects (still working on Mrs. Life of an Architect to write this)

Modern Architects who inspire (needs text and more graphics)

Just your typical wine room (needs research)

Architects take a while to get going (kind of already covered this topic here – at the end)

Architectural Models (yes … but not in 122 113 minutes)

Patterns 101 (needs graphics and more content)

Nobody is making me do this (so who cares right? Stop complaining already)

Hardware (blank, very early post idea)

Kitchen Appliances – 2013 (need to round out selections, need responses from manufacturers)

Design Retainers – What, Why and Why (good topic but not in 113 109 minutes)

Tips for being an Architect AND a regular person (not sure I am qualified to write this post)

 I can’t use any of these ….

Oh crap … now what?


As I mentioned, for one (or many reasons) these posts are still sitting in the “Drafts” section of my website. Either I become bored writing them, thought you would become bored reading them, or they have simply required to much time to complete. Unfortunately, I have several to many hours invested in each one of these posts. But unlike the post I was going to publish today, these might not EVER see the light of day.

I have loads of ideas, creativity is not my problem, it’s having the time to execute them the way I want. Is it time to call in the troops and ask for help? Maybe it’s time to quit … go cold turkey (shouldn’t be too hard, I like cold turkey.) I’m not sure what will happen because I don’t want to quit, I have unfinished business and experiments to start (and finish). I want guest posts from my architect friends and acquaintances, I want more product exposure posts (but do you?)

SO there you go, to many ideas and not enough time so

Oh crap … now what?

Send me an email if you are struck with genius (or something). Bob[at]lifeofanarchitect.com


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ps – it’s now 4:19 pm on Sunday and that beer isn’t going to drink itself.



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  • Valeria E

    I love all of your posts on the Modern Project. More, more, more!!!

    I am 7 months pregnant, not practicing architecture at the moment, and seriously craving a site visit. Do it for da’ baby!

  • I am a little sad the Hardware blog post is blank 🙁

  • Richard Martin

    We, and I mean my business partner (wife) and I, both keep a stock pile of blogg articles, about 20, in reserve for moments like this. When we get busy, as we are now, spending 90 minutes writing an article is nearly impossible. Being able to pull one out of the file and present it makes life easier.
    But of interest Bob, I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with for Design Retainers. This is a subject we often struggle with. We are family home designers for the middle class client. Some of our clients are elderly folks that can barely afford the cost of a custom home design. I’ve had to really ease up on my normal retainers for them. As I grow older, the softer my heart gets…
    BTW – I promise to enter a playhouse drawing next year. Just to darn busy this year. I’ll start designing in the fall so I’m ready. Igloos are harder to design than I thought! 😉

  • CapnMac

    Well, a peek at ‘the man behind the curtain” is a useful thing, too.
    And better than “Well, you’re not /really/ doing anything, come help us a minute” which actually equals 2, 3 hours’ driving, going to many places, dealing with frustrating people, and all to save 92.5 cents.
    Which usually seems to culminate with coming home to an email along the lines of “Commissioner [name] is having a snit, and is torpedoing the bond election. Is there any way to build the VFD for cheaper than PEMB?”

    But, maybe my OCWN moments are different.

  • David

    I read the title “Oh Crap…now what?” and thought we were going to be getting insight into the part of life where I walk on to a renovation job, see an outstanding piece of nailed together mess which was hidden behind plaster and say “oh crap… now what”.

  • Roxanne Button

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one with a folder full of unfinished/unpublished/ unpublishable blog posts. My perfectionist’s brain knows that it doesn’t have to be earth-shattering brilliance before I hit the “post” button. But I have writer’s block almost every time I sit down at my laptop to write something. It’s when I should be doing something else that the words seem to flow effortlessly (note to self: must keep notebook on nightstand). I’m a building geek, so I like to read about how other architects tackle detailing, material selection, even the most mundane day-to-day stuff. I say bring on the closet post!

  • Railroad stations have interest, even if they are torn down. Better Faster Cheaper will bring out the people with their horror stories in commiseration. Tips for Arch & reg person… are you sure there is such a beast?

  • Kat

    Oh, also, you could do another interview with your daughter; we haven’t had one of those for awhile!

  • Kat

    You could write a post about what we actually need to know to practice our profession verses the ridiculous questions the ARE tests ask. *Most random stuff ever.* I contend that we need to know about half. It’s quite interesting when my co-workers and boss try to answer the questions that I’m studying. I.E., they typically can’t and have been practicing for 20+ years across various architectural typologies.

    • Ceci Pipe

      The answer to that is the same across all professions, depends where you’re working and what they’re focusing on. When studying, work on the assumption that you need to know everything and then just file away what you don’t commonly use and keep it as reference material on a bookshelf somewhere.

  • Ceci Pipe

    Railway stations are like churches, I’m happy to read about, look at, sketch, or wander through either. Wine rooms are interesting enough, and modern architects usually manage to fly under the radar since they’re not named Le Mies. Doing guest posts by architect friends gives you a day off and puts a semi-different perspective on your site. It’s perfect.

  • Kate Sandberg

    I’d be interested in the “…regular person” one. My family has been harassing me on this topic for the last 6 months, since I am just in the beginning stages of what appears to be a 20-yr long home renovation/improvement project. They just can’t quite get WHY it takes me 6 visits to the furniture store to choose a nightstand or 2 weeks to decide on a new laundry room layout…. and I *think* they might be getting ready to have me committed. Thanks!

  • David Cuthbert

    there is nothing wrong with asking for help (other architects, bloggers, etc). I have found they are a great way to fill in the blanks

  • I’m stuck for a response.

    • and yet you found a way. I am impressed! I would think that someone might comment on which post from my draft section that they might be interested in having me complete. Maybe the lunchtime architectural products review should come back …

      What to do?

      • marvinmcconoughey

        Spouses of architects sounds fascinating. What do they put up with, what do they like, how does being married to an architect influence where they live now, do they help the architect find inspiration? Etc.

        Most of us live in houses. What are some designs, new or otherwise, that have impressed you? Can someone design and build his own house? Why, why not? Is there a well-written architect or architecturally centered novel out there, somewhere?

        What are some of the most important things that you have learned from your clients? What important things do clients learn from you?

        • Rachel

          I’d also like to hear the spouses of architects… but lets keep from assuming that all architects are men! Early in my career we’d be at an AIA function and people would start talking to my husband and asking him where he worked, etc. He was good at saying– he was just married to the architect. : )

          • I’m with you on this one. Why does everyone assume the architect’s spouse is a Mrs.? It is rather comical though when we are at a function and Mr. say’s he’s just along for the ride!

            Good post though – I’d like more on the Patterns 101.

      • Scott Trulock

        Hi Bob! I would love to see the “typical wine room” ideas…

        • Hah – you would! That one requires some research. I have the photos but most people would be interested in the insulation and cooling specifics … and that means work for me.

          I think it will eventually happen