Oh Yeah – It’s Party Week!

July 18, 2011 — 2 Comments

Today is the day before everything gets interesting … for you. I am hopefully sitting in a hammock or building a sand castle because I have been in Seaside, Florida for a few days and I am trying to avoid interesting. I want, peaceful, fun, intoxicated (but not too much, I got kids with me) and maybe even some sand in my swimsuit. This is the annual Borson Family Summer Extravaganza and based on the posts I’m been writing lately, I think we can all agree that my creative batteries need some recharging.

Never fear, I have lined up some friends of mine to sit in for me and keep you informed, educated and entertained. I wanted to have a guest post for every day this week and luckily, the first four people I asked all said yes (snifling … wiping tear away) they are all very interesting people who have interesting things to say.



Andrew and Kevin from BuildLLC

Guest Blogger: Andrew van Leeuwen and Kevin Eckert from Build llc

Post Title: ‘A Modern List of Dallas, Texas’

Andrew and Kevin are going to kick party week off starting tomorrow. I have known these two guys for almost a year but I have know of them for almost a year and a few days. We all got to spend quality time with one another since the three of us participated in Brizo Fashion week this last fall … well, most of us participated, some slept. Their practice is based in Seattle and since I have family in the area, … and I really like these guys … I have decided to become a partner with them when and if I relocate. (Andrew and Kevin,  just accept this as an inevitability and get ready, you won’t be able to stop it.) If you’re into Twitter, you can find one of them @buildllc



Genie Bae and EB Architecture and Design

Guest Blogger: Genie Bae from EB Arch + Design

Post Title: ‘Who Decides: Historically Significant or Landmark?’ 

I met Genie through Twitter and she has achieved the rare combination of making me laugh and go ” what?! Hmmm…” all in 140 characters or less. Genie and her practice are based out of Chicago. Follow her on Twitter @EBArchDesign and see what she might be saying this very moment.



Allison Bailes from Energy Vanguard

Guest Blogger: Allison Bailes from Energy Vanguard

Post Title‘Batts, Blown, or Sprayed – What’s the best way to insulate your attic?’

Despite the title, the post Allison has written for you is very interesting and full of funny lines (be on your toes, they’re sneaky jokes). I specifically asked Allison to write about insulating attic spaces because I live in Texas, it’s currently 103 degrees outside, and the topic comes up so often you would be amazed. Allison also might be the 2nd smartest person to ever make an appearance on this site (my wife is a brainiac if you’re new here). Combining his interest in energy and the environment, as well as his love for residential buildings, he is putting his PhD in physics to work for your benefit. For more information on how complicated things work, follow him on Twitter @EnergyVanguard 




Jody Brown from CwaA

Guest Blogger: Jody Brown from Coffee with an Architect

Post Title: ‘Rorschach test for Architects’

Jody is another architect that I have known for a while and we also met in person for the first time at the Brizo Fashion Week event. He also made it into a post from that trip but only the most attentive can find him (hint: look in the third picture…)  Jody and I have both been writing our blogs for about the same amount of time … well, Jody actually writes, I just type up what comes out of my mouth. He is an architect who likes to poke fun at his profession, he’s angsty, and he likes coffee. The post he wrote for me is genius and I’m sure he is regretting that he wrote it for my site instead of his own … (it’s that good). For a daily snippet of angst, follow Jody on Twitter @INFILLnc





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  • Richard

    Welcome to the guest writers….
    And what’s this stuff about leaving Texas for Seattle…Culture shock Bob…Environment shock as well. You are aware it rains 90% of the year are you not? And winter tires…You’d have to buy them…You do know what they are don’t you! LOL

    Enjoy your vacation Bob…Shower often. it will help you get use to the rain out here!

  • Anonymous

    Because of what you wrote above, I had to go back and re-read my post to see what those funny lines and sneaky jokes were because I’d forgotten. You’re right. That one especially is very sneaky! 

    Thanks for the opportunity to get in front of your bazillion readers, Bob! Hope you’re having a great time in Seaside.