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There are a lot of reasons why I like being an architect, but mostly I like my job because it hardly feels like working.

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My Day in a Wheelchair

Bob Borson —  July 27, 2015 — 21 Comments

It should be noted that I am not disabled in any way … but I still spent the day in a wheelchair. What I learned from the experience had a profound experience on me.

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Being an architect has its up’s and down’s … and the skill set we develop in an effort to become better architects can actually make every day adventures out of the most mundane activities … like taking a shower.

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Why would someone write a blog? Surely everybody wants to hear every juicy detail of my life?

Hopefully not, because that’s not what you are going to find here. What you’ll find here here are stories about what it’s like to be an architect .. fantastic, amazing and “most true” stories.

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Putting in the Work

Bob Borson —  June 1, 2015 — 26 Comments

Working hard when you don’t have to is a trait that not everyone possesses.

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The Crummy Pillow Paradigm

Bob Borson —  January 29, 2015 — 38 Comments

How can pillows be the catalyst to recognizing the importance of seeing problems? First, they have to be crummy, the rest is up to you.

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Bob Borson —  November 3, 2014 — 14 Comments

Digital Communications for the Small Architectural Firm (or any small firm for that matter) is something that I will be presenting on at the 75th Annual Texas Society of Architect Convention and Design Expo. I’ll also be talking about the money – the thing people seem to care about the most.

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