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To be an architect you have to have specific tools to get the job done. Here is a look at the ones I use most often.

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Architecture studios in college have changed a lot over the last two decades – for the most part, computers and mouse pads have replaced Mayline parallel bars, Borco table covers and drafting eraser scumbags.

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An Architect’s Desk

September 20, 2011 — 63 Comments

If you are an architect, should your desk look a particular way? A look at the desks of 15 different architects

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Who wants to be relevant?

January 14, 2010 — 16 Comments

I am sitting at my desk looking at the treasured relics of my architectural ancestors – rolls of sketch paper, at least 15 scales (or rulers), and a stack of orange triangles. These items share the precious real estate of my work area with more modern architectural tools – computers (hardware and software), 24″ monitor and at least 5 music speakers.

This is my desk -it’s not really a desk rather than a work surface made up of medium density fiberboard attached along the entire length of two walls of my office but it’s really good at taking all sorts of abuse and it contains items that I use all the time. The thing is, some of these things are from my father’s generation and some are the beta versions of things that are coming. I’m not sure what I should be keeping and what to replace.

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