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Ever wanted to see what architectural drawings look like, this is the post for you. A look at the modern cabin project we just started – and a look at several sheets of architectural drawings.


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You know what happens when an Architect finishes a job and turns it over to the client? Do they stand back and admire their project?

No … they pick apart every detail that could be done better.

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What Home Buyers Really Want

Bob Borson —  September 23, 2013 — 36 Comments

The NAHB (National Associated of Home Builders) recently published a report titled “Top 10 Features for Upscale Homes.”

Do you think there’s anything on that list that would surprise you? … Me either but I have something to say about it

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Architectural Project Book

Bob Borson —  September 5, 2013 — 19 Comments

What is an Architectural Project Book?
Well, it’s a little like an architectural portfolio but for for grownups, they cost too much money to make, and you give them away.

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Hiring a residential contractor shouldn’t be all that hard but you should think long and hard about the type of contract you have with your contractor. A competitively bid contract may be the most common but is it the best one for you?

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every client has a story – and getting them to tell it to me makes a difference in the end result

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Small Residential Projects

Bob Borson —  December 5, 2011 — 19 Comments

Small residential projects are very rewarding to design and work on as an architect -they present their own unique challenges but the rewards frequently far outweigh the obstacles.

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