Thank you – my mind just exploded

September 18, 2012 — 12 Comments

Sometime in the middle of the night, an unimaginable milestone occurred. When I started this website back in January 2010 I just wanted to learn how to do something new … but in the last 978 days my life was changed in ways that I never expected. Most of them pretty good …

Life of an Architect 3,004,111 visitors

All my best to you, and thanks for coming by the “Life of an Architect.” I suppose I will continue doing this for a while longer, I would imagine there is an expectation that someday I will actually get good at it.


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  • Ashok Babu

    That’s great Bob…keep going! Not many blogs there for Architects to read on the lighter side of the profession. You do a great job.

  • Amit Arora

    Congratulations Bob!!!!

  • Rachelle

    Congratulations Bob! I am a recent follower, but hooked just the same. Your writing helped inspire me to find a voice for our firm’s blog. Here’s to many more awesome posts, and 3 million more followers! 🙂

  • Doug Spohn

    Geez, Now I feel like a NUMBER! (JK) There’s a reason you have such a mind-blowing following, you know. Lotsa reasons, really. Congratulations, Bob. And keep up the awesome work.

    • Hah – well I suppose that I might have met and communicated with maybe .0067 percent of that total, so there probably is that “number” mentality at work.

      I’d like to say I go more for quality over quantity but who am I kidding, you’ve read the stuff on this site …


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  • Congrats on the milestone! It’s been awesome to follow along for the last 950 days. Keep it real, just like you have been.

    • Thanks Eric – it never crossed my mind that I would still be doing this 2.5 YEARS later, the amount of people that come here is unimaginable.


  • yes! nice work.

  • Rock on my friend – here is to 3 million more

    • Thanks Cormac – getting to know you was one of those things that I did not expect to happen.

      Good times