Thanksgiving’s coming so what’s it to you?

November 16, 2010 — 17 Comments

I like Thanksgiving because I enjoy eating the food. Really, that’s about it – pies, turkey, cranberry sauce … Family drama, football on TV, eating too much, etc. etc. and on and on, we all know the deal and how it goes. This year there is a little family drama but that’s okay, it won’t change my life. I haven’t had a Thanksgiving with my entire family since high school but we normally get my wife’s family in for a visit.

But not this year – back surgery means no traveling for a while for my father-in-law. This might be the first year that we might not have anyone in to visit … and then cooking and eating all that food seems really gluttonous. My recently crowned 6 year old daughter doesn’t like turkey so there will be some ham available – but ham is reserved for sandwiches and Easter. I can’t get excited for ham at Thanksgiving.

Maybe football will be interesting? I live in Dallas and the Cowboys are 2-7 so who knows … I can’t stand to watch bad football – particularly when it’s my team so rather than watch bad football I’d rather not watch anything.


This might be the year we create some new family memories – Thanksgiving always seems to be a catalyst for interesting stories. One of my memories of Thanksgiving was when I marched in the Macy’s Thanksgiving day Parade in 1986. The high school I went to was invited to participate and we sold candles to help raise the money – yes, candles. I had never been to New York City before and I was pretty excited about going, all the really cool things I was going to see… yeah, that didn’t happen.

Our group activity was going to see ‘Rocky 4’ and me and a few other people thought that was a bad plan – we could see ‘Rocky 4’ in Dallas – so we pretended to be sick so we could stay in our rooms. Once everyone left for the movie, we left the hotel to do some exploring. It was exciting, exhilarating, it was going to be amazing, the things we were going to see!!

We saw chaperone’s…once we walked out the front door of the hotel. We were sent back to our rooms and told that we couldn’t leave the hotel anymore. <sad face>

Did you know that the entire parade is run through twice? Well sort of. Everybody who performs in front of Macy’s runs through their routine in the early, early morning hours to help the network determine it’s camera angles. We lined up at 2:30am and waited for our turn.

It was cold. Really cold

It rained. A lot.

I had to march playing the bells in the Drum Corp because no one else would do it.

They weigh like 60 pounds.

I weighed like 85 pounds.

I played ‘Turkey in the Straw’ like a billion times.

My socks were drenched and my toes were freezing – have you seen band shoes before? Not the highest quality product.

I don’t like parades anymore but can you blame me? Since I grew up in a warm weather climate, I didn’t realize that you shouldn’t stick freezing toes in warm water – which is exactly what I did the first chance I got. My toes got very swollen and I thought they were going to explode – they weren’t pointing straight out anymore – they were in more of a “fan” shaped pattern and looked like Vienna Sausages that had been left out too long – not awesome.

Yes, for me, Thanksgiving is more about the food and I plan on eating a lot of it – there will be room at the table if you’re available.



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  • Saxon Henry

    Okay: I couldn’t resist. Don’t hate me (at least there are no 60-pound bells)! If I weren’t have friends over, I’d be on a plane to Dallas just to see what stories you’d tell around the table!!! Loved the giggle and I needed it after the past couple of days I’ve had. Gobble gobble!

    • Anonymous

      I think that would have been quite the can’t-miss event to be be sure! I was thinking the other day and realized all the stories I tell (and there are a lot of them) are always about some terrible miserable embarrassing moment in my life – and people love to her them!?!

      What kind of friends do I have?

  • Hm, room at the table eh? Same here, it’s just my two daughters and I since my folks moved back to Germany. So Turkey for three? Not sure about that one.
    Hope you have a great turkey Day despite the lack of family.

    • Anonymous

      Turkey for one is still pretty good so it’s downright awesome for three! As good as the meal is, intentionally creating leftovers is really what you are doing –

      I hope you enjoy your holiday as well

  • I have absolutely no interesting Thanksgiving stories to tell, but I do like the food part of the holiday. It’s the one day of the year nobody asks you if you really meant to ask for seconds or judges you for how much is on your plate.

  • Denese Bottrell

    at least you got to sell candles… our band fund-raiser was selling fruitcakes. a tough sell, even for cute little kids.

    • Anonymous

      Fair enough – fruitcakes would be a tough sell.

      We did sell liquid soap for one drive, that was an impossible product to move (who comes up with these ideas?)

  • As always, thanks for the chuckle 🙂

  • Oh I marched in the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade and so remember the 2.30 am “dress run”. Luckily ours was just cold. However I was in the guard so try walking the streets in Jazz shoes and spandex! But since the guard is at the front we were behind Cats and got the “don’t by fur” streakers in front of us right as we got to the big Macy’s star!. Turns out that was enough to make us famous because an episode of Friends had us on the TV in the background. I was not in High School but College so we got to roam the streets of NYC. Did see a movie during that trip because seeing a movie with a NY crowd in an old vaudeville theater that ran some of the first b&w movies was just kind of perfect. Who would know that a few years after that trip that little theater would be my “local” theater.

    • Anonymous

      I always wondered how miserable it would be for those people who were wearing next to nothing. Your experience sounds far more interesting than my own – I can make it sound funny but it wasn’t all that great at the time.

      And it took me 25 years to get back but it was worth the wait. I’m looking forward to bringing my family with me next time.

      • Oh it was cool, kind of miserable at first but quickly got over it while walking cause um hello its the Macy’s Parade! I may of been cold, but I looked damn good. 😉

  • Rocky IV? In high school I’d have been appalled by that “plan” too. Knowing me then I would have looked for a bar and called it a night.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think we had any real plans – we weren’t really that rebellious. We probably just wanted to walk around the streets and see what there was to see.

  • I hate parades too – even without the toe-fan experience.

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  • what a coup you’d pulled off that afternoon of freedom what a memory. imagine being in NYC and wishing you were at Rocky IV. blasphemous. happy intimate thanksgiving, dress up – cindy @urbanverse