The Year in Review – LOAA 2010 Series

December 27, 2010 — 15 Comments

So I am sitting at the kitchen table thinking about this site and how far it has come in such a relatively short period of time. I had few objectives in mind when I started back on March 4th, 2010  – 

  • Set up a blog website
  • Learn how to assemble, manage, and publish content on that site
  • Develop some sort of community on that site

Most of them were achieved pretty quickly because as it turns out, I am either a savant at doing this (probably not the case) or it’s just not that difficult and anybody with the most basic of skills can achieve my original 3 goals. Since I have a slight competitive streak, I kept raising the stakes with the hopes of “more”.

But “more” what? That is the real question that you should be asking … but I don’t have an anwser for you. There are simple answers that are generic and you could probably determine for yourself; things like

  • more readers who engage and leave comments
  • more subscribers – they are so committed that they have to get the latest “whatever” sent to them
  • more opportunities – met new people, get exposed to more things, open more doors

Over the next week or so, I am going to go over some of what I’ve learned and some of the mistakes I’ve made. I will also review what were the most popular posts based on the number of times it was viewed, the most engaging topics, keywords that brought people to my site (that you will not believe). I will also discuss some of my favorite posts and why I like them or why I feel they were important to me (turns out I didn’t write some of the best posts).

If you were ever interested in starting your own website – doing what I have done – you should find these next few posts interesting (at least I hope thaat you do). There will be some people who are going to say that I am crazy for telling you some of the things I plan on telling – things like how many readers do I actually have? It is almost impossible (for someone other than the site administrator) to find out what the true level of traffic is for any given site. And those administrators are guarding that information with their lives. Since I didn’t start this site to pimp and turn it out into the proverbial night to make me a buck or two, I am going with full disclosure …

Dun dun duhnnnnnn (woman shrieking in background!!)


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  • Anonymous

    Wow! We seem to be running parallel to each other in many ways, Bob. I started my blog 3 days after you started yours, we post at about the same rate, and I’ve been thinking for the past week of writing a post similar to what you did with this one combined with the series you’re planning.

    The main differences are that you stayed in Texas whereas I left a long time ago, and you do architecture and I do building science. (Now, about that huge open fireplace…)

    Great job with the blog, Bob. I look forward to reading more good posts in the coming year.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Allison,

      I appreciate the kind words. We do seem to have many parallels don’t we? Don’t get me started on the fireplace – despite being in Texas, we still do like a good fire when the opportunity presents itself.


  • Love the site…big fan and looking forward to the pointers given from your viewpoint.

    P.S. Love the fireplace!

    • Anonymous

      we love the fireplace as well!

      Hopefully I can keep things interesting this next year – I appreciate your support and friendship this last year

  • Looking forward to your tips – I plan to move my blog to my personal site in the near future (depending on how long I procrastinate, near could be very far).

    • Anonymous

      I think that is the right idea – move it to a place where you can control everything (including the url)

      Hope you are having a nice holiday so far

  • Richard

    Great job overall Bob. I look forward to your posts in 2011. I too will be launching my own site in 2011 after I learn how to use Dreamweaver properly. I will be paying attention to your “lessons learned” and doing my best to avoid them. Happy New Years!
    Richard (Houseplansbc)

    • Anonymous

      Dreamweaver huh?! That’s dedication – something that I haven’t spent anytime with (let me know how that goes for you)


      • Richard

        LOL – Not so much dedication as having a wife that is a media consultant and has all the software….Of which i have no idea how to use. LOL

  • Looking forward to the posts this week. You’re better than me — I won’t be posting much. One question: why is there a face in the fire?

    • Holy Creepy Hogwarts, David is right. There IS a face in the fire. It’s the ghost of Architects Past.

      • Anonymous

        no face – Hahaha. It’s the handle for the fireplace screen. What an active imagination you two have!

        I am looking forward to seeing these posts as well … I suppose I had better start writing them!

  • Well, what do you know? Y’all have a Texas accent! Hot damn! I can’t wait for the the excitement that 2011 will bring to your site. Can I start a rumor that you’re going to become a pimp? Thanks for all the laughs this year.

    • Anonymous



      Have you read any of my posts from 2010? That ship has sailed I’m afraid…