Top 10 Things you’ll never hear an Architect say … in Turkish?

June 14, 2012 — 12 Comments

There is a lot of foolishness that goes on here at Life of an Architect, let’s face it – I’m not talking about anything really important and while I take what I do pretty seriously, I always try and have fun while I go about my business. There have been a lot of things that have surprised me since I started cataloging here on this site (I hate the word “blogging” so I am experimenting a little bit) but few things have surprised me as much as seeing the things I write show up on other websites.

Particularly foreign language websites …

I have a Google alert set up so anytime “Bob Borson” or Life of an Architect” show up somewhere on the web, I get an alert sent to me. It’s pretty cool actually and when I can, I follow the link and check things out. One of the ones I received this week had me laughing pretty good – it was from the Turkish web site Arktera and since I don’t read Turkish (I only speak it) once again I have Google configured to automatically translate foreign language sites into English, sometimes with hilarious results.

Here is a quick breakdown on the country Turkey and Life of an Architect:


Map of Turkey

Turkey has sent 8,731 visitors to Life of an Architect with just over 50% coming from Istanbul

That makes it 20th on the list of 237 countries and territories that have visited Life of an Architect, right in between New Zealand at 19 and Ireland at 21 (c’mon Ireland! I’ve even written a lovely dedicated post about you!)

People from Turkey average 3.37 pages per visit, and

2:06 average time on site


Here is the post that I wrote that had been converted into Turkish and then translated back into English – with hilarious results:


‘Words that you do not Never Architects’


Top 10 Things you’ll never hear an architect say


1) Today I will come home early.

original version: I’ll be home early tonight


2) Gardrobuma add a little black dress, I wear very colorful indeed.

original version: I really should add some black clothing to my wardrobe, I wear too much color


3) The project, everything is going great.

original version: Everything is going perfectly on your project


4) Building is progressing faster than planned and calculated are under budget.

original version: Your building is ahead of schedule and under budget


5) the second in this year will be so really.

original version: This will be my second vacation this year


6) I listen to the builder, have excellent ideas.

original version: You should listen to the contractor – he has fantastic design ideas


7) had decided to split the budget for this project too.

original version: You have way too much money budgeted for this project


8 ) I learned everything you need to learn in school.

original version: I learned everything I ever needed to know in college


9) The school underwent enough time.

original version: I didn’t spend enough time in school


10) It was very easy to design the project, did not take almost no time.

original version: Designing that project was super easy, took almost no time at all


11) These deeds can not believe it to pay so much for so little work.

original version: I can’t believe they pay me this much for so little work


12) I’m not a man who reads too many books.

original version: I’m not much of a book reader


13) Current tree crop, environment, there are already too many trees.

original version: Just cut that tree down, there are plenty of trees all over this neighborhood


14) OK, but me no matter, you leave it that way.

original version: That’s okay, nobody will notice it besides me so you can leave it that way


15) I never think you’d be right but it would be dark, you can add a lamp.

original version: I’ve never been wrong but you can just add a lamp later if you think it will be dark


16) I think I’ll take the silver-framed glasses, is one not recognize my face.

original version: I think I will get the eyeglasses with the silver frames, you’ll hardly notice them on my face


17) This project is very easy to get from düşüreceğim costs.

original version: I am going to reduce my fees since this project is so straight forward


18) I got to the artistic abilities, and how much budget do not even care about that.

original version: They are hiring me for my artistic abilities and don’t care how much it costs


19) These rates can be age 50 when I retired.

original version: At this rate, I’ll be able to retire by the time I’m 50 years old


20) the fee is received and spent most of the really make the design.

original version: I get to spend most of the fee actually designing the project


21) The Architect as being a rewarding fans.

original version: It’s having all the groupies that makes being an architect so rewarding


22) To manage this, really need more rules.

original version: There should really be more codes to govern this


23) Most planning and zoning department are most truly solved everything.

original version: Most Planning and Zoning Departments have really got it all figured out


24) Today I wonder what I go to work by car?

original version: Which car should I drive to work today


25) In this project, glass block enough, no need to add a little more.

original version: I don’t think there is enough glass block in this project – work in some more


26) to design your own dream to live in a house is scary.

original version: The idea of living in a house I designed sounds terrible


27) I think more work supervisor, should get their ideas.

original version: I think we should pull in some more consultants and get their opinion


28) Whatever you want because they can make the best of speculative growth.

original version: Speculative development is the best because you can do whatever you want


29) I hate to talk about architecture, I’m trying every day that this filth.

original version: I hate talking about architecture, I work on that crap all day


30) Needs program, “zombies” I can not see.

original version: I don’t see ‘Zombies’ on your programming requirements


The un-translated Turkish version can be found here


Hopefully the people from Turkey can enjoy the humor in this translation – I honestly think their translated list might be more entertaining than the original. I’m sure something was lost in translation of the translation … or something like that. Verdikleri destek için Arkitera sayesinde, ben son derece kendi web sitesi check out tavsiye!

(Google translate here).




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  • Serdar

    I am registered architect in NY works in New York City also from Turkey 🙂 Just found your blog it is actually pretty cool. I am pretty sure I will be back to read more.

    • Thanks Serdar – I look forward to your comments whenever you feel compelled!

  • asli

    I’m from turkey too, I’m an architecture student and i like your blog very much but i love google translate more 😀

  • cnspln

    im actually from Turkey and i like your blog as an architect. keep doing what do, cuz u do it in a right way 🙂

  • For some reason, I read these with Borat’s voice in my head…..

    • by doing so, I am quite sure that it improves the enjoyment of this post

  • Donna Vining

    This is so funny: love the translations! Happy Friday!

  • Michael A

    If Ireland got a dedicated post (and they’re 21), that surely means New Zealand deserves one too! After all, we’re number 19!

    • Yes – but I’ve actually been to Ireland and not New Zealand (despite wanting to go quite badly).

      Maybe one day…

  • Paul

    Great post Bob. I have a couple of posts that ended up on a number of Japanese websites. Translating them back to English always provides hours of fun.

    • This is the first one I’ve translated … I think I might have to translate and read some more!

      Thank Paul, glad to see you here, it’s been a while 🙂