Architecture is … the picture frame, not the picture.

~ William Wurster

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What is Architecture?

  • geemila

    Wurster and his firm designed our 1957 house, right here in Dallas…it’s a great frame :)

    • Bob Borson

      I knew that he was a consulting architect on the Temple Emanu-El but I didn’t know that Wurster had a project here in Dallas – care to email me an address??

  • Edoardo Ventisette

    Ahahah right!! It was the first thing that my professors teached me at university, here in Italy!!

  • Calvin

    Architecture is… Too complex to sum up in one simple sentence.

  • Bridget Willard


    • ellaquincia

      Oh, dear, don’t you know that when an architect or designer uses the word, “interesting,” it doesn’t express praise or, more likely, fright. Apathy for the untrained.

      • Bridget Willard

        Sorry. I’m just an office manager.

        • Bob Borson

          you are not just an office manager – you are my friend and I think you’re pretty awesome.

          • Bridget Willard

            Aww. Thanks Bob.
            BTW my eyes are leaking.

      • Bob Borson


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  • Roan

    I love it

  • Jared Reed

    My professor asked our class this one time in studio. The best response I heard; “Architecture is the meaningful enclosure of space…”

    • DanCay

      Could it be…? Prof. Akkurt at Iowa State in the 80’s? We spent the semester exploring his question. My response was similar, “a meaningful expression of space”, since expression also relates to the outside while enclosure is interior specific.