What Happens when Architects Date

February 13, 2014 — 55 Comments

Quite possibly my favorite creative post [not to mention incredibly practical] Original research completed February 11th, Β 2013.

Valentine’s Day is almost here so you know what that means …

[cue sexy music]

It’s “business” time.

Architects don’t seem to get out all that often – and when they do it seems they are surrounded by other architects and other people within the “biz.” As a precaution, I thought I would point out that when it’s business time, there are few things to consider … specifically that mixing personality types and skill sets can yield some interesting – and possibly unintentional – results. After consulting with world renown molecular biologists (no I didn’t)Β and spending weeks cross evaluating current DNA models (IΒ didn’t do this either), I have concluded with 99.98% accuracy (I made that number up) that the following combinations will produce the most logical – and ideal – results when two members of separate yet related industries get together.

WARNING: This guide is only to be used by those 18 years old and older.


Architect Baby


Graphic Designer Baby


Plastic Surgeon baby

.Β model baby


Architect baby


Lawyer baby


IT Specialist baby


Engineer Baby


German Engineer baby


Engineer and ID baby


Physicist baby


Interior Designer Baby.

.Hairdresser baby


Architect and Mathematician family


I hope that by getting this guide published before Valentine’s Day, everyone will be just a tad bit more prepared, knowing that their actions might result in another architect, interior designer or (Lord help us) an engineer.

… unless they’re German.


Cheers, and happy “architect-making”

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  • aayushi

    how about architect + civil engineer……..????
    just curious………:P πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  • Charley Warady

    Perfect. I’m ‘none of the above’ but now I have all those questions answered.

  • SKarch

    Why is it that the interior designer combination is two females?


    Architect + Hairdresser? just curious..

    • Performance artist

      • Brett Wolfe

        so true… i can’t get my 7-yr-old to stop dancing for more than 5 minutes…

  • Steven Clark

    I was trying to decide what the results of Architect + Contractor would be but I realized they would be unable to meet the schedule set by the partnership’s biological clock.

  • pandix

    My parents: Engineer/inventor + math professor degree(sales in real life) = me, architect (and a business/marketing sister)
    I married a finance/entrepreneur, my guess for my kids= lawyer and engineer. My point? I guess I don’t have one πŸ™‚

  • Caterina

    Sadly there is no results for female=architect + male=research dr/professor. My guess is our little boy is going to be an engineer.

  • Ashley

    My Mother (Information System) and my Dad (degree in architecture and and now is electrical engineering project manager) had me (intern architect), my sister (graphic designer) and my brother (IBMer).

    I guess I should look forward to a little IT specialist in the future with my Civil engineer husband, LOL… actually pretty probable looking at our family history!

  • Obed

    Architect + Model = Statistical Improbability? How about Ole Scheeren + Maggie Cheung, does that count? πŸ™‚

    • I think Maggie Cheung is more in the actress/rocker mold. I did say it was a statistical improbability, which is not the same as no probability.

  • Erinnd

    My one gripe would be the lack of female architect combinations (though its probably more accurate that way) but love the graphics overall! My combo is female architect + male television director.

    • What about the lack of female engineers? Or male hairdressers? Female graphic designer? Male professors?

      My hope was that people would recognize that there are male/female alternates for everyone of these and trying to actually represent them all would have made this post very stupid. Or stupider.

  • Alina

    this is awesome… although its missing male graphic designer + female architect.

  • Tina Ramchandani

    This is adorable! Very funny and seems pretty on point, too!

  • Caroline

    My husband is an electrical engineer (we met on a project) and I’d have it not other way. It’s frustrating to justify all of my design decisions based on practicality and economics but the result comes out significantly more feasible πŸ˜‰

    • If I could clap with 1 hand, I would.

      Happy Valentine’s Day

  • Michael

    Professor = Teacher (K-12)?

    • sure, I think that would still count. Let’s go with “Educator”

  • If_the_Lamp_Shade_Fits

    Hey, wait a minute! I’m an interior designer married to an engineer. But you’re right – he’s damn lucky.

    • You. Are hilarious.

    • LaurenRomein

      I am also an interior designer married to an engineer. If two women in that very combination of marriage make it onto this site then it is actually statistically very probable! This post is cute anyway.

  • AlmostJane

    Funny, very funny. My favorite has to be the German Engineer [full disclosure – 100% German on my mother’s side]. But now I’m wondering… ARCHITECT + WRITER?

    PS – really enjoying “A Field Guide to American Houses.” Thanks so much for the recommendation.

    • Glad you liked the book, it’s a good one.

      Architect + Writer …. one is lonely, the other passive, maybe a Lighthouse Operator.

  • Mark Strauss

    Much fun! What about “Architect + Graphic Designer”? Also, on a serious side, there are studies that show that there is more likelihood of children having ADD, when their parents are architects and designers. Turns out ADD reflects how children process information, (ie: visually vs. reading.) Might be fodder for a different blog.

    • That explains a lot and I don’t doubt it for a second.

  • Marjanne Pearson

    This is very funny, Bob β€” almost better than chocolate!

    • “almost” being the operative word.

      Happy Valentine’s Day, Marjanne

      • Marjanne Pearson

        Happy V-Day to you, too, Bob.

  • christian

    This is very cool, especially the making of the german engineer, my first laugh in the day. Thanks & happy valentines day

    • Cheers – and Happy Valentine’s Day.

  • Ann

    What about an architect and a musician? We have no children, three cats and one dog. Maybe I answered my own question.

  • heather

    both my parents are architects- they got an architect, industrial designer, and an illustrator

    • I would say my calculations correctly predicted 2 out of 3 children in your family.

      Not bad

  • Brad Feinknopf

    I have always loved this post. Thank you for reposting it. Very apropos.

    • It was a lead up to the real Valentine’s Day post that will come out actually on Valentine’s Day.

      Glad you liked it – cheers

  • rodrigo

    the Conchords rock! …. literally
    no design professionals were harmed in the making of this series

    • emotionally or physically? One of those two options probably played a role.

  • Courtney Price

    Plastic Surgeon- that’s hilarious, and the last one is the best πŸ™‚

  • rebekah kik

    I shared this with my husband, because it is hysterical! I’m the architect, he’s a police officer (detective). He’s hoping that makes our son a Secret Service Agent.

    • sounds about right, spies wear a lot of black right?

  • Kerry Hogue

    I might add that my wife and I do not celebrate Hallmark holidays, so February 14th is just a Friday this year. Romantics we are.

    • I would like to ignore this holiday as well but as the only male in the house, it isn’t in my best interest.

  • Kerry Hogue

    so I am an architect. my wife started out as an interior designer and then switched to accounting. I guess she liked colorful numbers or something. Anyway, our kids are, well nothing yet. the economy has evaporated jobs for those in their early twenties.

    • that is disappointing … but they’ll eventually be something awesome I have no doubt.

  • kArno

    This is funny. Thank you…

  • ADBurt

    OK, can I just be a tiny bit picky? Your Interior Designer + Interior Designer has two females. Men can be Interior Designers… Although I suppose only engineers should take real offense to this- they are shown with tiny pin-heads. πŸ™‚

    • Yes, I know that men can be interior designers but in my defense, things would have become a bit confusing (not to mention lengthy) had I made this chart with all possible iterations.

      Engineers should be happy they made the list at all … besides, this is a design oriented website so they’ll never come here anyways.

      • archiangel

        Also, most of the male interior designers I know are more interested in other male-anything. So I think it still works.