Do you want to be an Architect?

A few years ago I started a series of posts that were directed towards people who had an interest in either becoming an architect or now that they had finished school … what happens next? The intent when I started this series was to create a depository of answers to questions that people tended to email me – thinking I could just refer people to the post on the subject rather than having to recreate the answer over and over again. These posts have been created over a two-year period and I discovered that some people who wanted this information still couldn’t find it and I still found myself back where I started. Hopefully now that I have created a single page that will contain all of the posts that fall into the category of “Do you want to be an Architect” I can accomplish my original goal of the blind leading the blind.

What this page will not contain (because it seems to change with remarkable regularity) is anything to do with the act or process of getting licensed, the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB), Intern Development Program (IDP), or what college you should consider attending. Those things have to many moving parts to consider and (wah-wahhhhh) since I have been licensed for a while now, I don’t keep up with the changes.

If there is a topic you think you would like me to address, please feel free to send your suggestions to me –

In the meantime, I hope that this is a resource for those of you looking for some answers.



Do you want to be an Architect?

It takes a lot of commitment and desire to become an architect. Nobody becomes an architect because they think it sounds cool or they like to draw. There is a lot more to it and I think it needs to be a calling for you to even think you will experience any measurable success. Do you think you have what it takes to be an architect?



 The College Years 

When I tell people who I knew I wanted to be an architect by the time I was 5 years old, they think how lucky that must have been! But am I really so lucky? There was a time when I thought I had made a terrible decision, and I found myself struggling with the classes and the time and effort required to just to keep pace with my peers. (but I think this story has a happy ending)



Design Studio: Top 10 Things you should know

Architecture school is all about the studio. Whether you are new to design studio or a seasoned pro, there are a few things that I thought I would share with all you that dispel some commonly accepted ideas of what architecture studio really requires from its attendees. I think you might be surprised to read a few things on this list but I promise that you will be better off for having read this list.



What makes you a designer Bridge Section CAD Detail

What makes you a designer?

As a practicing architect. not everything I do is big picture design. From the overall time I spend working in the office, very little is – but good architecture isn’t always about the big killer idea. I consider coordinating a project and the details of the construction of that project integral to a successful design.



Handrail Bracket Sketch Detail

Drawing like an Architect

I am living proof that you don’t have to draw well to be an architect. Having the ability to draw beautiful pictures doesn’t hurt but let’s pull the curtain back and be honest here for a minute … Architects communicate through their drawings – we aren’t making art. As architect Lou Kahn once famously said, “an artist can make a cart with square wheels, but an architect can’t.”




How much money does an architect make?

Architects can make a great living but there is balance between money and happiness that must be found. This post contains a snapshot of some of the best places to work and what areas of the country pay the highest salary for architects. Before anybody starts whining and moaning about how architects are underpaid, let me tell you now that I don’t want to hear it. Teachers are underpaid.



The ‘Not so Sexy Side to Architecture’

There is a reality check coming for most graduating architecture students. Practicing architecture for 99.9% of the architects out there means something other than designing – at least what you might typically think design really means. The practice of architecture is more than sketching on trace paper, parti diagrams, deciding what pens to draw with, groupies, and last-minute trips to Vegas with the client. It means solving problems – sometimes incredibly mundane and uninspired – yet very important problems to the people who retain your services.



architectural and engineering scales

An Architect’s Tool Bag

To be an architect you must have specific tools to get the job done. Here is a look at the ones I use most often. Some (but not all) are clearly throw-backs tools that reflect the fact that I graduated from architecture school 20 years ago. Despite the fact that I am pretty good at AutoCAD, I didn’t put it on my list of tools. If I had made my list a little longer it probably would have showed up.



Architectural Interns

Here are some unique insights into how an architecture student can rise to the top of a pile of resumes and get that coveted architectural intern position. I also share with you the most abrasive and shocking story from my first day on the job at my first intern position. It’s Cuh ra zee! If we ever meet in person, you can buy me a beer and I’ll tell you who Boss #2 is from the story.



So there you go – the first collection of articles geared towards architecture students, architectural interns, and people interested in the process of what it takes to become an architect.  I will be setting this post up as a permanent page at the top of my site and will be adding posts to it as I see fit (which means when I actually write them). LIke I said in the beginning, this is supposed to be a resource for people so if you see a topic missing that you would like to see my thoughts on the subject are, just send me an email –




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  • Simran Kaur

    hello , i read this blog and iam inspired by this .. all i was looking for is written above . i need your advice on something . iam an indian and iam going to pursue this career from a not so good college beacuse i couldn’t get admission bcoz of not so good rank of mine , will that really affect my career . actually , iam thinking of going for this career because i find this creative and interesting and i don’t want to just pick up books and study for the rest of my life . iam really confused now . my father says that if i give up in between then my future will be destroyed . should i go for architecture ?

  • Dave

    Hi there,
    I am 50 years old and have been a golf pro for the last 25 years. I am considering a career change and have a great deal of interest in the field of architecture. If I go ahead, what are the job prospects like for a graduate that is mature like me? Is it too late?

  • Nehal Jain

    Hey there,
    Your blog is really amazing and I would be grateful if you’d help me out with my confusion.
    I study in class 11th and I desire to become a ‘Successful’ Architect.
    I don’t get the skills I’m supposed to work on to become successful in future
    Like, some advice you’d like to give? To all students of my age?

  • Audrey

    I am currently a first year architecture student and I came into the major thinking that it was meant to be. I always thought I had the qualities of someone who would do great in a design field, but I’m really struggling in my class. I see others doing so well it feels like they are on a different level. It has made me really question why I came into this major to begin with because I’m starting to not find the work fun anymore. I’m scared I just threw myself into architecture because I thought it would come naturally to me but I’m starting to realize I will have to work just as hard if not harder to progress in this major as I would in another major. The problem is that I’m scared of commiting to architecture because I’ve seen and I have been told that life as an architect can be quite unstable. I’m worried that I could spend my energy in another major and end up with a degree which is more stable that I have to work just as hard in as architecture. I’m sorry this is so long but this is so hard for me to have to decide. I hope either you or another person can please give me some advice because I feel so lost right now. PS beforehand I was okay with the job stability factor because I thought I would end up loving architecture but I’m not sure how I feel anymore. Thanks guys!

  • tavana

    Hello I am a student of architecture and I am studying in Iran, for further information and to learn more about architecture and design need help I’m interested in a very strong architecture

  • Drishti Dawara

    thanxx bob,
    i was confused wether to be an arcitect or no n cauze of ur poste i m comferm

  • Kennette Ann Ditablan

    Hello Architect Bob! I’m a bit fan of yours! LOL I really love the way you write about your everyday experience being an architect. I feel you believed me. I’ve been working for almost ten years from now and being an architect is a bitter sweet career. Hahaha..Well, goodluck on your career and please continue to inspire us all! I will be waiting for your next article to be posted! C’est La Vie!

  • Zach Bundy

    Hi Bob! I just finished my first year of Architecture at ASU and I’ll be attending class at the Art Institute of Chicago next month. I have a few things to say:

    1) I’m in love with this blog. It’s the only blog that I’ve ever followed. Your writing is so candid and inspiring.

    2) I absolutely know for certain that I want to be an Architect. I don’t want money or notoriety, I just want to be involved in this wonderful business.

    3) I think that you’re living the dream. Not only do you have your dream job, but you’re also industrious and have a good looking family. I hope that I can achieve the same thing one day!

    • Bob Borson

      Hi Zach – very kind words there, I am grateful. I hope that you enjoy architecture school at ASU – I’ve worked for a few really skilled architects who graduated from that program – you are in good hands!

  • cee

    hey, I’m Cee and I’m not really good at drawing but I’m taking up architecture, I just wanted to ask if I have to be really good at drawing to become an architect and succeed my first year in college?

  • cee

    hey, I’m Cee and I’m not really good at drawing but I’m taking up architecture, I just wanted to ask if I have to be really good at drawing to become an architect an succeed my first year in college.

    • Bob Borson

      No – you don’t have to be great at drawing – there are several posts on that subject here on the website – you should start be reading the one I linked to up above – it’s a good place to start and get a more in-depth answer as to what I think the value of sketching really is –

  • Kavya Kamakshi Jakka

    hai my name is kavya i am from andra pradesh now iam studing in inter so how i go on into architect

  • Marta

    Hi I want to be an architect where do I start as I have no qualifications on this specific subject.

    • Hector C. Fernandez

      If your in the U.S. I would reccomend you look into programs offered at accredited Universities offering Architectur programs. If your lucky enough to be in a larger metropolitan area you may have a local community college that offers very affordable classes (make sure they are accredited) for your first two years that will then allow you to transfer to a full 5 year program elsewhere.

  • Mary

    Hi! I finished first year of architecture but in my school they gave us only drawing 1 which included drawing plans and sections and elevations! I am starting to have second thiughts about it! Because i hate staying up all night and giving up my life! But i still like architecture! What do u suggest i do?

    • Hector C. Fernandez

      Some may disagree with what I’m about to say, but you have to love it so much that you hate being so hopelessly in love with it. In a word… Passion. But I think that is a common requirement to achieve true success in any career or endeavor in life. It’s ok to doubt. It’s demanding, and brutal, but no great reward has been attained without great sacrifice. You just have to determine if this is your passion. It’s kinda like a lover… You know when your with “the one”…

  • End in sight

    Hi Bob,
    I am 44 and considering going to school for architecture. I got a degree when I was 18 in civil engineering from UiUc (top school in US), but I never once worked in that field. Instead, I went off and worked in IT project management. Now for fun I use Sketchup to design anything I can. But I also need work and architecture seems to be a good fit. But I dont know if I have the energy for 5 more years of academia. That’s because I also did an MBA when I was 30, which just about killed me at 1.5 years. Thanks for your advice.

    • Hector C. Fernandez

      It is not for the faint of heart. Unlike Engineering it is not really a task oriented type structure but centers around the creative process. Get ready to put your soul up on stage…

  • Dharmin

    I am currently persuing my bachelors degree in architecture. I want to know the things i can do along with my academics to be an good architect.

    • Hector C. Fernandez

      Get a job working as a stone mason, tile installer, rough carpenter, etc. never ever ever forget the value of the hands that build your dreams! Nothing beats nuts and bolts experience.

  • Jane

    Im doing a project and I need a short bullet point list with a bit of extra detail on the average tasks performed in a day in an architect job. Its for my school assignment.

  • Kris Gem

    I was top 5 percent of my architecture cad classes 9-10 yrs ago. My principle in elementary school taught us how to design our dream homes. My dad taught me since I was born to fix the house myself. I left school to work on the boat got viral ensephalitis and now its set to get brain back. Ive started school now tryin to find what general ed classes i need to take for architecture.

  • Immanuel Click Kweson

    may i get a pen-pal who is offering architectural drafting here?
    if yes here is my postal address:

    P. O. BOX EL 51
    ELMINA – C/R

    write me and i will get back to you with a hasty reply.
    thanks to you all here. In fact this website is authentic,
    I TELL YOU! so get your self involve here.

    • Hector C. Fernandez

      What is your request????

  • MMoose

    This is a great website. Love the helpful posts! I am now a rising second-year architecture student who is just going to enter design studio after summer. My school focuses pretty much exclusively on classicism(ole’ Notre Dame…) but I do want to get a comprehensive education on different approaches to design(making models, softwares, etc. ). Thus I plan on self-studying a lot over summer to catch up a little. What books should I read/What should I do? Should I be sketching and taking pictures and analyzing local buildings? Thanks a lot if anyone can give me some suggestions.

  • Prem Ravi

    i am studying 10th standard ,i am interested in designing buildings and houses
    can u a anybody help me to choose what course i can study in 11th standard ?.

    please reply

    • Drishti Dawara

      hey dis is drishti
      u can take science or comm ether of the subjects n maths is compulsory .after dat u can do b.arc

  • Michael Donzz

    just graduated from high school and decided to be an architect. I love drawing but sucks in dimensions and physics. do you think going to architectural school will help me with my problem?

    • Bob Borson

      dimensions? I don’t know what this means. With regards to Physics, a lot of programs don’t have a physics requirement, but even those that do, it’s typically a weed out class because I have had to know anything about physics (other than the fact that gravity exists and water flows downhill) since college.

      These should not be the things that hold you back.

    • Hector C. Fernandez

      Not sure I understand your question 100%, but here goes… Architecture is great for spatial relation, abstract thinking, vizualisation, creative problem solving. And pretty much the greatest most wonderful career in the world. Rush forward with reckless abandon!

  • G⛎IAツ

    Hi! I’m a freshmen in Architecture school and Does architecture have math like in High School?

    • Bob Borson
    • Hector C. Fernandez

      You will have an obligatory Calculus class (good luck) other than that if you can add, subtract, multiply and deal with fractions, then you’ll be just fine. But you do need to have a good sense of spatial relation and proportions. Just observe everything around you and sketch, sketch and sketch some more!

  • anoushka

    hi!! i hv just choosen non med as my stream n i want to pursue architecture further…… from iit roorkee!!!!!i m just confused about it n i m a hard working girl n my elders say i can do that it only i m dedicated towards it..dont think i m u know prasing myself but its a fact …. n i am confused about d degress… i know i just in class 11 but lets think big rght???

  • DL

    My 14 year old son is curious about this field, his strengths are in his creativity. He’s been a lego addict since he was a toddler. He likes big lego projects, his friends often bring their kits to him to build and trade him legos as payment. He likes to create his own interpretations of space ships and recreations of locations from books and tv. Many of his creations have left us all admiring his talent for interpreting what he might see on a sci-fi show and recreating a star ship from the pieces he has lying about, his original ideas that he’s modeled are impressive as well.

    He would work for the Lego Corp. if he could! But that’s not very realistic. We are puzzling how to apply his talents to a field where there are more opportunities and better chances for earning a living reliably. Of course it is more challenging due to the high costs of secondary education and the economy here in the states. Also of concern is the degree of outsourcing or in-sourcing the field experiences, and whether spending a massive amount of money for an education in a field nowadays is a good idea or if a field offers a statistically very low return for one’s investment of time and money.

    Of course we’ve been discussing if are their aspects of the field one can enter without a degree and find employment that provides a decent standard of living. (Ha ha I know, that is always subject to change! As trying to make predictions in these issues requires a dart board and perhaps a psychic).

    He was originally interested in the model making aspect of the industry, as he is not sure at the age of 14 what he wants to do in life. College appeals to him in the abstract, but the money involved and the grade requirements for getting a degree are off putting – he’s an average student with average grades.

    Kinda a tough moment for him, he has a talent and wants to use it, but how to apply his talent to the field that none of us know much about is resulting in this internet journey for information.

    • Hector C. Fernandez

      Listen everyone out there… There is NO, and I repeat NO substitute for being a licensed professional. It’s not for everyone and it’s not to say that non licensed professionals are not invaluable but reality is that thinkers get paid to think and laborer a get paid to labor. Just that simple. That being said, it is my sincere opinion that anyone pursuing Architecture should spend 1 year working with the hands in some capacity on a job site. The mind cannot create what the hands cant build…

  • Casius

    I am only 13 and I still have time. But I’m pushing myself to get the grades to accomplish this.

    • CyberPuNk

      Hey buddy, glad to see an aspiring middle schooler these days! I’m 21 and studying to become an animator and move to Japan once I’m fluent enough in Japanese ‘Oh the process!’. Let me just say when you hit High School, you’ll be taken on all kinds of career path electives and decisions (in which case you would choose to be an architect). When that happens, your assigned counselor will be there to help you with SO MANY of your questions. When you become a senior you will be pushed and urged to sign up for possible scholarships and of course applying to the best suited colleges for you. Again, counselors are your #1 resource as well as any teacher you become friendly with. If for some reason your school counselor doesn’t work that way (I doubt it, they counsel for a living lol) then finding the best nearby college online is not so hard, or if you want to go to a prestigious college somewhere far away, by all means go ahead but that isn’t necessarily always the best route to go with to study a profession. One last thing, if you’re planning to graduate early, MAKE SURE your counselors know, I know it sounds dumb, why wouldn’t a counselor know if they’re the ones in charge? Well I won’t go into detail but I stealthed by the counselors without even knowing, nobody knew I was graduating except for me, not even the teacher assigning me all those classes knew, (I had a couple of credits from the previous school she didn’t know about) and this cost me MANY life changing opportunities, I missed a full scholarship opportunity my teacher said WOULD have been almost guaranteed mine being a top student but unfortunately I wasn’t “in” the “system” (yup), senior experiences, pictures, etc. I watched them take REALLY good care of the seniors and grads though. It wasn’t my intention to sneak by, it was just dumb neglect on my counselor’s part, even after telling her to count my credits TWICE, I was too shy to go back a third time and that kills me lol don’t be shy like I was!! But I had made up my mind, I made a promise to a friend who passed away that I’d graduate in his place even after failing my freshman year (I stopped going to school for a while when this happened and missed my final exams). My experience was a little salty but don’t let that scare you, I’m to blame for being too intimidated by the counselor, the rest of my school experience was amazing, specially my final year despite all that happening. And I kept my promise to my friend, that was the most fulfilling part. So little buddy, last thing I wanna say is do your best, set your mind to a goal and don’t let anyone stop you or influence you away from achieving your dreams, You sound like a very promising person. Well see you, hopefully this wasn’t just a huge rant and actually gave you a bit of help or at the very least info and caution tips lol. Later.

  • Casius

    Hi, I am a 7th grader that wants to become a successful architect in my near future. I was wondering if anyone could possibly give me an idea of what kind of schooling I should get, how do I get my degree in architecture. I was also wondering where do I go to college or what university. Please help me get an idea of what I must go through.

    Thank you

    • Sophie

      I’m currently a graduating high school senior who got into a 5-year (B.arch) program. From what I know and kind people have told me is that there are three ways of getting an architecture license: 5 years of undergraduate (B.arch), 4 years of undergraduate architecture + 2 years of graduate (M.arch), and 4 years of any major + 3.5 years of grad school (M.arch). (*You can only get a B.arch and an M.arch from accredited schools). If you want to get into a 5-year B.arch program, the shortest route to getting an accredited architecture degree, I would highly recommend taking lots of art classes and start building a strong art portfolio. Most, if not all of the top 10 B.arch schools require an art portfolio as part of their admission process. I didn’t know this till the very end of my Junior year and I freaked, but thankfully I took art classes all four years of my high school so I wasn’t empty handed. Good luck and I hope you stay interested in architecture through out your middle school and high school!

    • Hector C. Fernandez

      So incredible to hear such great determination. Research, research, research. Find a program that fits what you are looking for, tour schools, make sure it’s an accredited program. Visit the studios, talk to students. Contact the school and ask if you can visit a class pin up. Good for you, charge forward the world needs more young passionate Architects… And never ever ever stop short of getting LICENSED!!!! Ever!!!!

  • Nikki

    Hi Bob! i’m happy I found something about architect! I came of interested because I’ve grew up admiring houses and buildings that I saw as the most beautiful thing people built and designed so incredible and I’ve always thought about designing my own someday as a dream but now that I’ve come of age to decide what career i’d like to go into I didn’t really get the answer I was looking for in your article. Do I sound like this could career could be of something for me? What is an Architect’s demand at work? what do architect’s clients or projects like? Does an Architect design about anything or one thing?

  • Keirath

    Hi, I am in high school in my junior year and was thinking on becoming an architect. As a child, I loved to draw amdin times I would draw how my future house would look like or the interior based on inspiration. However, I am not the smartest when it comes to math or physics. I like math, I can find a pattern myself and solve a problem when I didn’t understand a lesson… But even so, I don’t consider myself the brightest in math. I like to draw, and in practice my art seems decent, but unlike my childhood years, I (as for now) can’t visualize buildings to come up with new and better ideas. I think mostly interior design which I think of minor in, and love to see pictures of interior decor before and after and think of little ways to improve my room.

    My question for you is that, can I become a good architect? If I can’t visualize building now to design, can it comes from experience just like other subjects such as math and physics? I hear that is a long hour in office, so I worty that I won’t have time for social and family time or hobbies that I like to do. I understand that one has to have good communication skills, but I am more of a quiet-introvert-private person, I mean, I can express my ideas, but doesit comes any sort of trouble?

  • GraphicDesinger{Trying!}

    hey I cant draw very well and im not great at maths of course im only 13 but ive worked with my brothers friends hes 15 and is a graffiti artist. He said he wanted something fresh and new looking so I practise my Graphic Design alot but I put my drawings into my graphic Design and he said it looked really good. But i have more thoughts of becoming a Visual Architect as my drawing arent the strongest. Anyone have any tips for Visual Architect?

  • thenoob

    i wasn’t good at math and science back in my high school days,i hate it but i am highly interested in learning although i know it will surely deliver pains on every nerves in my brain..should i take up architecture despite of being a noob?what do you think?-_-

  • enxrgy

    Hello, I am looking into architecture because I want to have an outlet for my ideas.

    The thing is, I was going to go into theoretical physics… I spend about 8 hours a day on independent study of the subjects of my choosing (theosophy, quantum physics, mathematics, certain types of artistic endeavors, and pretty much any book I can get my hands on) and I don’t want to give that up and devote my life to chasing one theory or another, as My main idea, My main goal, is the development of a new way to learn. I have spent countless hours doing what I love, and I don’t want to give that up. I love research. I love reading, writing, drawing diagrams I see, and adding to them.

    My question is… Because I love the objective thought, and worship the metaphysical aspects of our reality (pardon my use of shitty buzzwords here) but refuse to watch it be crushed by the will of any professor of physics or any other subject I delve into, really, while I am more than willing to spend hour after hour learning about it on my own… Is Architecture a good outlet for my dreams?

    Please keep in mind, I know very little to nothing about the subject. The reason I have turned to it as an option is because I read a book called The Poetics Of Space. It made me think.
    Thank you.

  • Keith

    Hello, I just turned 26 and have been doing alot of medial work and prior military. Do you think I would still be able to get my foot into the door of the architectural world starting school this late(Just started attending college for the first time)? Reading your articles was very intresting but hearing about the internship thing kinda scares me.

  • L_Burns

    Hi, I am only 13 but I so badly want to become an architect, I am wanting to study now and become very good for the future. Is math a vital part of architecture and if so what are very important subjects to study or improve on? thanks

  • jawad ali shah

    whats the essential things to consider for an architect to be successful in their career ?

  • aj

    I am not good at drawing but am pretty decent with math and physics. Is architecture a suitable line for people like me?

  • Joachim

    Hi Bob. I’m currently applying for Architecture School back here in norway, the school im applying to is an alternative school of architecture. Im quite good at drawing/painting(aquarelle) and i have built a portofolio. Also im already educated as a Visual Merchandiser and gratueted as best in my class. Im very diffrent from my friends (taking my age in consideration im 22). I base my belif on anthroposophy because of the connection to nature. My problem is that the only thing the school is looking at is my application(a letter describing who i am) and they dont want to look at my portofolio. Im rly good at drawing both free-hand and in digital programs. I dont want to study to become an an architect but i want to study architecture to get the knowledge and to be able to work as an architecture. Im rly sorry for my poor english ! Regards! Also i applied for a school i Oslo(Retail Design) last year i did get in even though its almost impossible but i turned the school down because my passion is the architecture

  • Fio-CS

    i can’t really draw, i don’t really like physics or math either..but i can draw a little and i think i’m quite good at counting..and i want to study something that combine those two, so is architecture is a good decision? for information, ii really like music, art and that kind of things, but i’m better at calculating, so i thought that architecture is the best option…. give me you opinion 😀 thanks

    • Bob Borson

      based on that description, I’m not sure this is the thing for you. Drawing is important, math and physics don’t really matter but you need to have the brain power to get through the course work, and most people like music so that doesn’t really tell you anything. Seems like you need to spend some time thinking on this a bit more.

  • Ali Yasin

    Hello bob I’m don’t really know what to study next yr for uni and thought architect was for as I really have an interest in builds furthermore the beauty so why do u thing I should do

    • Bob Borson

      Take a sketching class –

  • Rowan

    Hey Bob, love the article!
    Do you think I will be able to succeed in Architecture – I took advanced maths in grade 11 but (although I didn’t find it too difficult) I dropped it. I still study art and am really fascinated in architectural styles.

    • Bob Borson

      not a whole lot of information to make an assessment so I am going to go positive and say “Absolutely!” Architecture as a career (for most) is a fulfillment of their passion, not just a way to collect a paycheck … would you describe yourself in this manner?

  • Lalaine Andrea Badong

    Hi, Mr. Bob Borson! I’m currently in 4th year, taking up Architecture, and I just want to thank you for the amazing things you have shared through the years. I learned so much and realized how important it is for me to continue the course I chose after so many obstacles and sleepless nights that I have encountered. Also, I am a wanna-be writer, and I admire you for doing these stuff simultaneously. I hope someday I can be successful just like you. God bless you and keep writing! =)

    • Bob Borson

      Thanks – I appreciate the encouragement. Best of luck moving forward in your studies

  • sam

    I really like biology.can I take my main subject as bio in my class 11 and go on to become an architect ??

    • Bob Borson

      I don’t see why not.

  • Анужин Төмөрбаатар

    Im16 years old and I live In Mongolia.Next year I will be graduating highschool . Our sole is different from other countries and someone said if I want to work in Mongolia I have to study here. Is it true? and I really want to study in other country but I can`t afford much. Is it possible to study in London and what do I need to learn to become an architect?andEnglish isn`t our native language so I`m not sure if I would understand my teacher perfectly. I`m not very good at physics but I love math. Can I become an architect? please I really need someone`s advice pls

    • Bob Borson

      This is a very specific sort of question and I will admit that I don’t know anything about the schooling process in Mongolia. Maybe someone here on the site will read your question and be able to help.

      • Анужин Төмөрбаатар

        Could you please tell me what do I need to learn to have a scholarship? what do I need to learn to become a best architect

  • Penny

    My son wants to be an architect and will be a freshman in high school next year. Should he take an art class or computer class, he has to pick one or the other. Art 1 or Computer 1. He is taking Architect Class 1 also but no computers involved there that I know of.

    • Bob Borson


  • Cedie Cedie

    As i read this , I’m feeling the not-so-good thingy. What does it takes to become an architect ? What do architects do ? How much time wil it take? Architecture is one of my option. Reply please. And one thing , do architecture really need math ?badly?

    • Bob Borson

      This site is geared towards answering all those sorts of questions – case in point:

      Math – go here

      All the other stuff, just use the search box on the upper right hand side of the screen and search for topics. Chances are pretty good that I’ve addressed it in an article.

      Best of luck

  • Annebana Bien

    I am really fascinated to draw and create buildings especially houses and rooms inside the house…

  • Annebana Bien

    Hi i’m 18 years old-girl taking up education major in math but I’d like to be an architect also someday…is it hard to study that course? and is it expensive?

    • jcoo10

      It is hard to study (currently enrolled in an architect program) you have studio which takes up a lot of your time with model making, drawings, critical thinking. There are other courses that are needed such as construction practices, structures, and building systems that are required for a bachelor’s degree

  • ArtsyArchitect414

    What would you have to consider to build a house? As far as an individual’s and family’s needs ?

  • ArtsyAtchitect414

    What things do you have to consider when building a house? Specifically?

  • Dude

    hey bob , im 17 from malaysia im currently doing malaysian O-Level , i’m really interested in the architecture course , im a guy who slacks off oftenly , will i be able to cope with the projects in university , i dont have any art background too , is it recommanable for me to still take the architecture path ?

    • hanna

      hi, i’m replying instead. I’m from Malaysia too, 24 and recently finished my part 1 in architecture and about to continue to part 2. For my spm, i dont have any art background although it is recommended if you want to go to public university. if you are interested in architecture, go and meet the students at any university, have a chat, see their works, ( there are architecture workshops that shows final year works and are open to public, just ask the university) then only you will understand more?. art doesnt matter cos you will have time to practice for sketching and other skills required but you have to practice. will you be able to cope? well. throughout my study days, there are days when i really love what i do, and there are days where im crying my eyeballs out and just trying to get through the day, wanting it to end, had a really bad presentation day and questioned myself why did i choose this path. but the whole process repeats. sort of hate and love thing? but yes, i would do it all over again. everyone gonna struggle at one point, in any other path. its when you give up after a struggle, then it is not your path. you can always change your path later on, it is never too late or too wrong.