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Yeah, I’m in it [sad face]

August 16, 2012 — 24 Comments

There are moments in a persons life where everything comes together in a magical way – most of these moments seem to happen on their own accord, no planning … just the stars aligning in just the perfect way to create a moment in a person’s life that is extraordinary.


This is not one of those moments.


Architect Magazine header.

I received an email from author Brian Libby several weeks ago, maybe 6 or so, asking if I would be willing to contribute to an article he was writing for Architect magazine. Uhm … yeah. It’s Architect magazine – the official magazine of the American Institute of Architects. It’s a great magazine, I love reading it and despite the fact that I get a million magazines (Magazine Tsunami), I actually look forward to getting Architect magazine. So yes, when I was asked to be interviewed about my favorite architecturally related phone apps I gladly accepted. In the email Brian sent me, he asked that I send along a head shot photo for them use use to create the headshot drawings they typically use in their articles (example). Done. I had my phone interview with Brian and after the 20 minutes of interviewing, we ended up talking about a whole assortment of other things for another 30 minutes or so. All that was left was to wait for the actual article to come out.

aaaaaaaannd here it is… (well, my part of it – for the rest, just click on the article) .


I know what your thinking after reading that article … “what the hell is up with that photo?” Ugh. I have a history of not being particularly photogenic (44 years worth of history if you want to be specific), so when I sent off the original photo, I was pretty excited that it was going to be a drawing and not an actual photo. So imagine my surprise when my newest best friend Brian contacted me to say that they weren’t going to do the drawings of the people after all. He went on to tell me that since the article was about mobile apps, why not use your mobile phone and take a picture of yourself? … and the deadline is already upon us so I need your iPhone photo today. Like right now… [slapping forehead] There was no way I was going to ask one of my co-workers to take a picture of me with my phone so I pulled my phone out of my pocket, walked outside my office and took a picture. About 20 actually, and this was the best one of the lot.


Bob Borson Architect Magazine photo text box with bar


So pathetic and lame. I should have tricked it up, done something to distract the viewer from what’s going on in the area of my face – not that would have mattered. Just about all the pictures I have had to take look the same.



Bob Borson Architect - Wanted

I know what I have to work with … why do you think I try so hard to be amusing? I seriously need either the help of a professional photographer or a really good make-up artist.





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  • Lynn7849

    You’re right. The article was, well, how do I put this, lacking in some important writing qualities. It was short, thankfully, or I would have fallen asleep in front of my computer. As it is, now that I finished it, I think I will go take a nap. That said, I like your self-deprecating humor and will look for other pieces and hope for the best.

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  • Lee Cox

    Bob, I just saw the absolutely fabulous (NOT!) photo of you in the Architect magazine- yes, I am way late seeing this: I’ve always been a late bloomer. Why is it that pictures of ourselves ALWAYS look different from the way we think we look, kinda like the way your voice on the phone message sounds different when you listen to it. Anyhoo, keep up the great blog. Makes my days much more enjoyable. BTW, from what I read in one of your other posts, it seems you and I were at UT (Sutton Hall) about the same time: I was in grad school from 1984 – 1989. My sister lives in Dallas, and if I can get back there to visit again sometime (I’m in NC now) I’ll see if you have some free time to chat. I’d love to see your office.

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  • Jimi Adigun

    Hey Bob>>>>>Plss do write something on transitioning architecture. love your articles.

  • Ed

    Bob, the head shot is perfect. It captures your wit and humor. I mean that as a compliment.

  • Cathy

    i hope you’re not putting your magazine photo on your biz card! 😉 wink wink nod nod. the non-architects i network with are forever asking me about that, but i just cannot imagine architects putting their self portraits on business cards. (maybe my latest project.)

  • Richard

    Bob….In hind sight, I bet not sending that animated image of yourself from your webpage seems rather foolish now doesn’t it………LOL
    Lucky for you it is your writing style and sense of humour we come here for; not your Vogue centerfold.

    • is it so wrong to want it all?


  • Well, I hope you liked the article anyway! 🙂

    • Sure – it was great. The only thing that wasn’t was the picture I took of myself … too bad I don’t look like Lars, he photographs pretty well.

  • Paul D. Gerber

    I’m surprised you didn’t use one of your iPhone apps to “revise” the photo before sending it…like making it look like a drawing! #DUH! LOL

    • this picture has about 100 filters on it – I should have used the “George Clooney” filter

  • I’m so cracking up!!! I can not stand taking my least have to do it 100 times and I’m still not happy! Great stuff as usual Bob! OH..and looking forward to trying the apps you mentioned!

    • all foolishness aside, that SnapSeed app is worth way more than $5, if you do take pictures with your phone, you will enjoy using it.


  • Jim Williams

    I little self humiliation is good for the soul now and then. (And of course a good laugh does hurt either.) How does it stack up to your driver’s license photo?

    • My drivers license is a veritable Mona Lisa compared to this photo…

  • I had to chuckle and now will definitely be stealing the hubby’s copy to scan and send it to you in like 3 months after the torturing of yourself has worn off…just kidding….or not. I bet it is disconcerting to not have the pencil sketch. That would have been cool. I like the article. Can you hint at the underlining?

    • I don’t know if there is an underlining – at least not one that I have figured out just yet.

      Yes, I was excited when I thought I was going to get the drawing of my face, that’s sort of something Architect magazine is known for. Torture away.

  • Well, the top one has nice eyes. I prefer the bottom one, and actually like it. And you are definitely handsome, so I’d just laugh it off. At worst, you look like a puppy that needs a home.

    • I could use a new home (have you seen my Master Bathroom shower – it’s absurd.) Preferably a new home in California, maybe in the Santa Monica area…

  • Enoch

    Bob, no worries, you look fine!!! Now back to cell block D!

    • luckily I don’t really worry about those things (although it’s probably for the best that I’m not that pretty if I am residing in Cell Block D)