HEXBUG Micro Robotic Creatures

August 8, 2011 — 6 Comments

Have you ever heard of HEXBUG? If you are a parent with a child between the ages of 6 and 15 I can almost guarantee that you have. HEXBUG are small robotic toys that have a bug theme to them – and they are super cool.


Hexbug Spider

As you may have seen recently, I designed a bug themed playhouse for charity. Just a few days before it was ready for delivery, it dawned on me that I was missing out on a great opportunity. It seems pretty obvious now that I would but bugs in my bug house …. It just so happens that my office is currently designing a house for the guy who invented these things – Bob Mimlitch. Once the light bulb went off, I called Bob M. and asked if he would be willing to throw a few of his creations in so that I could make some lucky kid even happier for winning my playhouse. Not only did he say yes, he outfitted me with a bajillion of these creations.


Hexbug packaging

I knew what HEXBUG were even before the office started designing his house. In fact, the thing that originally caught my eye was the packaging for each micro robotic creature. The look of everything is very pro and if I’m being honest (which I always am) I have a few of these creatures in my house still in the packaging … and I am not a collector-type person.


Hexbug Goodies - courtesy of Bob Mimlitch

This is a look at what Bob M. provided me – boxes full of everything they make – the HEXBUG Original , Nano, Spider, Ant, Crab, Inchworm – even the new habitats.

E v e r y t h i n g … and a lot them.


This is the HEXBUG Hive, including something Bob M. calls the “lunchbox”. It doesn’t come set up all awesome like you see here – I had to ahh … you know, uhhh set it up in my kitchen before I put it in the playhouse … like, you know, for the kids. I did it for the kids – I love the kids.

Although it wasn’t cool when I had to pry this stuff out of the hands of my 7 year old, this stuff is cool and Bob M.  is super cool for donating it for the cause … but the best part is that Bob M. gave me something that people out there that would give their left nut Boba Fett action figure to have what I have in my possession. If I was paying attention to what Bob was telling me instead of focusing on all the 800 qudrillion mini robotic creatures I was carrying out to my car –

you can’t buy it (yet)

and it’s just come out of R&D

it’s …

the  L A R V A!! (lady screaming in background)



Here it is front and center in oxblood red – I present the “Larva”. You should see the way this thing moves – squirmy and with the tale end wiggling back and forth … if it wasn’t so freaking awesome it would be kinda nasty (I would say like kissing your grandmother on the lips … but I’m not going to say that).

Bob Mimlitch included 6 of these in the bounty he donated and I have had to threaten literally every person in my office who saw these things :

“Bob Mimlitch is going to be looking for these when he looks at the playhouse and if he doesn’t see 5, he’ll be pissed”

Did I say he gave me 6? My mistake, ughhhh – there were only 5.

Totally … there were only 5.


If you want to see or learn more about HEXBUGs, they are a social media savvy company and I have included all sorts of links below for where you can go to connect with on the platform of your choosing. Thanks again to Bob Mimlitch and Innovation First for being a part of something great and for their generosity.

Become a fan of the HEXBUG Facebook page – facebook.com/HEXBUG

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Share your videos with us by tagging them “HEXBUG”. We’ll look at them and add our favorites to our YouTube stream. Subscribe to our YouTube channel – youtube.com/hexbugtv

HEXBUG.com/news is where we post blog entries, corporate press releases and other relevant news articles.




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  • My 8 and 10 year old boys have us intimately familiar with HEXBUGs, and I have to say they are the rare toy that doesn’t annoy me when they’re strewn around the house. We all enjoy them. Good to know the inventor is into architecture *and* charity. I’ll look them up online….

    • Lots of reason to be supportive – thank Jenny

  • You now that 1 HexLarva that didn’t make it? I think you should give it away as a prize to the first person to suggest that idea on your blog. thank you. I’m going to walk over to my mailbox right now to wait for its arrival.

    • has it arrived yet? Oh yeah… probably not

  • Anonymous

    I think Mr. Mimlitch must be a fan of Rodney Brooks, the MIT robotics professor whose work has studied and led to the development of insect-like robots. If he sounds familiar, maybe that’s because you saw the movie, Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control, which was named for a comment he made.

    • Allison,

      I’ll have to ask Bob M. next time we talk. Given his line of work, I would think that he would be familiar with Rodney Brooks. That book sounds like something I would enjoy reading – thanks for the comment