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You know what happens when an Architect finishes a job and turns it over to the client? Do they stand back and admire their project?

No … they pick apart every detail that could be done better.

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What does the gestation period of an elephant, and the word “melancholy” have in common?

A sort of heartache that only architects suffer.

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The Incomplete Big Picture

Bob Borson —  October 26, 2015 — 28 Comments

If you were to back 10 architects in to a corner, hold a gun to their collective heads and ask:

“When it comes to Architecture, what really matters?”

What do you think they would say?

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How to Build a Wood Deck

Bob Borson —  October 7, 2015 — 46 Comments

“How to build a wood deck” is a question that I ask myself more times than you might think. Despite having designed more than I can remember, each one has something that makes it unique and awesome.

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Everyone Should have an Oculus

Bob Borson —  September 21, 2015 — 33 Comments

Oculus is a word that you don’t get to say very often … even less often do you get to put one of them into your project. Let’s admit it, they are the duck-billed platypus of the architecture world.

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“You can’t eat your house and have it too.”

What does that even mean?
It has to do with quantity and quality and the effort it takes to have both.

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If you think you want a modern style residence, you had better know what a level 5 finish means … and then get it. Dry wall finish levels explained and illustrated to help make it clear what they are, and why you want a level 5 finish.

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