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I thought it would be particularly good timing to bring up the idea of working on short term goals and they value – and satisfaction – that they can bring to your career.

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‘Voltron’ Model Table

Bob Borson —  September 8, 2014 — 11 Comments

A big model requires a big table … this is the ‘Voltron Table’ and it is, in fact, a very large table.

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Modern Residential Framing

Bob Borson —  September 4, 2014 — 33 Comments

The use of steel and framing techniques like these really goes a long way into creating the drama that people frequently associate with modern residential design.

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An inspirational story of how someone who dreamed of going to architecture school actually made it happen. This is the two year email exchange between me and Jordan – a welder from North Carolina.

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Architects and Integrity

Bob Borson —  August 11, 2014 — 34 Comments

I spend a lot of time in the shower thinking … the question I think about the most is “Am I making things better?”

… and Integrity plays a big role in the process of answering that question.

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This is the Lantern House and I think my entry into this years event is one of my favorites. Despite the fact people will mistake it’s clarity for simplicity, it was constructed so well that I’d be happy to put this into my own backyard.

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Bob Borson —  July 14, 2014 — 33 Comments

Leadership is one of those words that people throw around a lot but I’m not sure people stop to think about what it really means.

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