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The Crummy Pillow Paradigm

Bob Borson —  January 29, 2015 — 33 Comments

How can pillows be the catalyst to recognizing the importance of seeing problems? First, they have to be crummy, the rest is up to you.

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Architecture is a business built on the abilities and creative talents of the architect. As a result, architecture is a personality driven process so understanding the favorite things of an architect let’s you understand the architect.

That’s pretty deep.

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While 2014 isn’t technically over yet, it isn’t going to stop me from looking back at all the articles I wrote over the year to see which ones represented the very best that 2014 had to offer.

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A Chef’s Kitchen

Bob Borson —  December 16, 2014 — 18 Comments

If you were going to renovate or design your own kitchen, talking to a chef about their kitchen – a “chef’s kitchen” … would be a good place to start.

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The 10 Best Christmas Songs

Bob Borson —  December 9, 2014 — 30 Comments

Since I am not a Scrooge at heart (not completely), and I don’t go around saying “Bah Humbug”, I thought I would share with you the Best Christmas Songs in existence.

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If you are like every other person walking around North America, you have been inundated with Christmas songs for a month already. With almost no research, I have put together the definitive list of the 10 worst Christmas songs that ever made you want to stick a hot poker in your ear hole.

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We, Myself and I

Bob Borson —  November 17, 2014 — 29 Comments

Are architects bad at sharing? The word “I” is a take credit type of word, while saying “we” is a sharing credit type of word.

How often do you say “I when you could have said “We”?

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