Sometimes, as we get older, certain skill sets diminish as others improve. I think this falls in to the “diminished” category

Partner: “All right, let’s not have anything stupid on purpose.”

Associate: “Uhm … Most of these were on accident.”

For the record, I am not the partner in this story … 

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heard around the architectural studio #011

  • BobM

    A man after my own heart! – Some staff mistakenly think that no one will ever check! And my favourite is . . . . “Oh, so the Night Fairies did it then?”

  • TX Architect in LA

    Bob, you mean you actually have people have their drawings reviewed? Way to go! Too many firms dropped that effort due to tighter fees. Those firms also give architects a bad reputation and make it harder for firms that provide this.

  • Kerry Hogue

    stupid on accident. good one.