Kate and the Fun Run

September 12, 2012 — 34 Comments

Okay, so here’s the deal – (this contest fundraiser is now over – please do not contribute but it is interesting to see how things turned out – read on…)

My daughter Kate – you know Kate right? The same cultural prodigy that brought you such Life of an Architect classics as:

An Interview with Kate Borson – Cultural Prodigy where then 5-year-old Kate Borson was interviewed on the current state of the practice and profession of architecture.

A Christmas Interview with Kate Borson where then 6-year-old Kate discusses Santa Claus and the magic of Christmas.


Kate gives me perspective when after a bad day in the office, 7-year-old Kate puts the proper order of things in place.

Yes … that Kate. Well, Kate has asked me to ask you for some help. I have agreed to turn the blog over to my daughter for the day and give her this forum to make a special request from you, the reader of this website. In addition, if you are a frequent reader of this site and sometimes occasionally like what you see here, I personally am asking for your help and participation as well.

(and by “participation”, I really mean $1.00)

.boosterthon fun run 2012

Kate’s school is doing a fundraiser because that’s what schools do these days to try to cover their expenses. In this case they are running laps and are asking people to sponsor those laps. Now I am going to be pulling out my own checkbook and making a “sponsored” donation to the school so this request isn’t really about the money. No, the reason Kate came to me and asked to make this request on the site is that there is a school wide goal to try to get a pledge from every US state and as many foreign countries as possible. All the other schools are doing this as well and the school with the most states and countries represented wins. They don’t win anything other than “scoreboard” on the other schools but in my mind, those are the only bets worth making.


Kate B for the Boosterthon Fun Run

My School is doing a fun run to raise money for my school. Would you please pledge money for each lap I run? My goal is twenty-five laps.

Thank you



Awww – so sweet. You don’t have to pledge an amount for every lap – you can simply donate a flat amount – and all I am requesting is a $1.00, not so much really. You can go over to the side bar on my site where you will find a PayPal box. All you have to do is enter the $1.oo amount, fill out your Name, State and Country

FunRun Support for Kate B

If you do decide to donate (and I do hope that you do), not only will it be a show of support to me and this site, you would be helping out a grateful 8-year-old. I will also come back on this post and enter in all the names and locations (but not the amounts) of where the donations come in from. I am only going to accept donations through this Friday – hopefully more than Kate’s relatives will participate and it won’t be embarrassing – my daughter still thinks I can do it all and I would like that illusion to continue for a while longer.

Thank you very much for playing along – I promise to not hit you up for anything anytime soon. I will return to the regularly scheduled architectural musings and foolishness shortly.


** UPDATED – Final Maps **

Here is an updated map of what states have been added to the board. If it’s shaded “Blue” then Kate has received a contribution from this state. If it’s white … sad face … those states must not like kids.

US Map for Kate B Fun Run Friday 10:00 CST

If your state is already represented that’s okay. I am still matching or exceeding the final number of contributions Kate receives for her event.

Here is the final World Map (based on the origination of the donation – if you are from Taiwan but currently live in Boise, they don’t give credit for Taiwan.)

World Map for Kate B Fun Run Friday 0700

Thank you to everyone who donated and represented their Country or State, I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it. A final thank you to these contributors (still more to add):

Emily Hooper – New York

Rachel Hollon  – Texas

Suzanne Sasaki  – California

Alistair McLean  – Victoria, Australia

Brandilyn Maibach – Ohio

Justin Gesch – Texas

Michael Howard – Oklahoma

Penny Mavrikis – Ohio

Mark Vandenhazel – Ontario, Canada

Gunther Liedl – California

Richard Garfinkel – Florida

Brian Sperber – Indiana

Anthony Zaya – Pennsylvania

Jessica Breitbach – Illinois

Tuckamore Design (Roxanne Button) – New York

Robert Moore Architect – North Carolina

Julie Pherivong – Paris, France

Suzan Lami – Pennsylvania

SLS Construction (Sean Lintow, Sr.) – Alabama

Bob Mock – Pennsylvania

Nicholas Ridout – London, UK

Douglas Burke – Maryland

Paul Billings – New York

Brinn Miracle – Texas

Job Beerthuizen – Den Haag, Netherlands

Chris Bowes – Edinburgh, Scotland

Vincent Loh – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Pearl Flamberg – Pennsylvania

Enoch Sears – California

Neal Pann – California

Ken Weinert – Colorado

Leticia Sanchez – Texas

Barbara Hulit – Washington

Jennifer Roets – Wisconsin

Ginny Powell – Florida

RYE Interiors (Shelly Myers) – California

Robert Underwood – Oregon

Andrew Hawkins – Texas

Frances Gooding – Washington

Katie Hohenstein – Minnesota

Steve Hall – California

Jim Williams – North Carolina

Alan Westbrook – Washington

Eric Schmid – Oklahoma

Erik Jens – California

John Elledge – Georgia

Karen Braitmayer – Washington

Erica Dugdale – Kansas

RV Directions (Don Borson) – New Jersey

Holli Lynn Jackowski – California

Petra Lipar – Hagersten, Sweden

Lance Romanoff – Rhode Island

Sandy Connolly – Vermont

Richard Masters – North Yorks, UK

Alexandra Williams – California

Sharon Willis – Connecticut

Rebecca Warren – Virginia

Douglas McClure – New York

Brian Dieker – Oregon

Janet Lee Schultheis – Indiana

Shawnna Roberts – New South Wales, Australia

Georgina Pinnock – Washington DC (MD)

Meg Schulte – Queensland, Australia

Denese Bottrell – Arizona

Richard Speicher – Pennsylvania

Timothy Ridenour – Alaska

Mark Gorpinic – Lithuania

Abraham Melendez – Illinois

Steve Ray – Oregon

Adelyn Christian – Michigan

Victoria Ngai – Canada

Patrick Lee – Colorado

Jennifer Rugg – Massachusetts

James West – Texas

Linna Frederick – South Carolina

Building Moxie – Maryland

Coleen Dolan – New Jersey

Tommy Watts – Delaware

John Humphries – Kentucky

Paul Hamtil – Missouri

Jon Kathol – Nebraska

Joe Phillips – Georgia

Melinda Oblander- Indiana

Signature Cabinetry & Design – Virginia

Kristin Blake – New Jersey

Ken Hartsfield – Colorado

Walker Secker – Colorado

Iaian Cameron – Washington

Mike Bevivino – New York

Judie Bevacqua – Colorado

Brian Hatfield – Maryland

Nkonye Adaikpoh – Texas




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  • Ron Campbell, Las Cruces, NM

    I didn’t see Kate’s post until this morning. Is it too late to contribute?

    • I appreciate the gesture but you don’t need to at this point – the school against school “who can get the most states and countries” is over. They won btw 🙂

  • Ahh crap! I was days late. I just refreshed the page after donating and saw the 12 hour thing. 🙁

    Well, hopefully Kate can have a private smiley face knowing her contribution from Nigeria came. 🙂

    • Yes! We can add another country to our tally board!


  • john humphries

    I am headed to the bourbon store. I will send when I cross the river in Kentucky.

  • Popping it up on FB too 🙂 Go Kate Go!

    • 35 states was the final tally – really amazing!

      Thanks for all your help Amy, I really appreciate it

  • GinaAlex

    Seems like I’m gonna haft rep BOTH Maryland and Jamaica. Can’t see if DC is “on the map” 🙂

  • Hello Kate,I’m a regular reader of your blog.I’m from Bangladesh.But we dont have Paypal here.Wish I could donate 🙁

    • We appreciate the effort! Thanks for taking the time to chime in

  • There, a buck from me. I wrote down Sweden and my home country Slovenia, if you can only put down one, put down Slovenia!
    Good luck to Kate!

    • Thanks Petra! Are you in Sweden now? What a globetrotter you are! 🙂

  • England, United Kingdom done 🙂
    I had something similar when I was at school!

    • Alicia – whoop! I must be getting old, the only thing we had when I was in school was old-fashioned door-to-door “would you like to buy some popcorn…”

      Delivery was terrible.

      Thanks for playing along

  • Done. Bob,when I was 8, (private school) we were asked to sell lightbulbs. Lightbulbs in a large heavy box lugged around a neighborhood by little kids. I sold a ton! The next year we had a jog-a-thon similar to Kate’s. I hope her class does well and puts the school over the top!

    • Thanks Erik … light bulbs? I have sold just about everything imaginable for school fundraisers but never light bulbs.

      Besides, bulbs sound pretty light to me (ugh, that even made me groan)

      • You actually went there! I’ll go light on you and let it go 😉

  • architectrunnerguy

    Done. You can add Chesapeakstan (Maryland) to the list. BTW, I like your stragetically placed photo of yourself on the shelf in the last photo. Even worked in your Albers too!! Nice touch!

  • Suzanne S

    consider California done 🙂 I hope they win!

    • Whoop!

      Thanks Suzanne – I hope they win as well.

  • This really is a no-brainer 😉

    • If I could have only recorded Kate’s request to me last night as she ask me to ask “her fans on the website” for help. It was very sweet and being my one and only daughter, I was powerless to say no.

      Thank you for your support, I am looking forward to how Kate decides to thank all the people that have come to her support. As a grateful Dad, thank you.

  • Julie in Paris

    Ok bob thé money is for Kate right? – enjoy! I have added Paris France to thé list of pledges! Cheers! And good luck to Kate! Bisous – julie

    • Thanks Julie – France is a delightful addition to the map! Yes – all the money is for Kate – in fact, I told her that I would match (probably by some multiplier) all the funds that come in.

      Thanks again!

  • I wonder if Kate can count me as a “foreign donation”…I’m Canadian, living in the U.S. 😉 In any case, I’m happy to support a good cause. Go Kate!

    • Whoeee! any support is good support.

      Thanks Roxanne!

  • Doesn’t this violate some federal law about using an OVERLY CUTE KID to raise money?

    • Without actually knowing, I probably am violating some sort of federal law. Maybe I can use the overly cute kid as my defense…
      “but your Honor, how could I say no to [pointing at Kate who is innocently smiling at the Judge] THIS?!”

      Cheers and Thank you 🙂

  • Hi, I’m from outside US and wish to give your cute girl a little support but the Paypal service is forcing me to provide an US address, which obviously I don’t have…Help me maybe?

    • As I understand it, you can pay with a credit card and PayPal will ask for your country. Pretty sure it has to be your billing address

      • ok I am challenged how to do this Bob, it is probably beneath my nose but link above didn’t link?