Spain – I am a Giant

February 10, 2011 — 5 Comments

So it is really late and I need to go to bed. They are working us to DEATH on this trip;)   Between walking around Cevisama, the tile show here in Spain, all the food and wine … what can I say? (Other than my feet hurt and my pants don’t fit).

I have all sorts of really interesting things I should be talking about but I am paying like 400 euro’s a minute to get this post written and published so I am going to keep it short(er). Speaking of  short, I think I might be the tallest person ever in Spain -at least if you compare me to the other people in our group. Definitely the tallest American Architect ever (pretty sure I´m right about that).


So I took this picture at one of our “continuing education” seminars. These are my traveling buddies and despite having never met any of them before, they are a group of interesting people. We have had some opportunities to go off and spend some free time away from each other but it never happens. We have stayed together as a group pretty much the entire time. I’ll come back and insert some names but for those of you in the know, that’s the one and only Paul Anater seated second on the left. Did you know he has red hair?.

Am I really that tall? … Yes

This is one of the few group photos that I have where I am actually in the picture. That’s  me towering over the Lilliputians of the Reign in Spain group (I’m the 4th from the left – you know … the tallest person in the picture). As a result, I seem to be placed in the rear of every … single … picture. Oh well, I can’t help it and neither can they but clearly my superior mixture of Native American Indian and Norwegian DNA stock is evident in this group. (Just don´t focus on the silver hair)

I mentioned the other day that we went to a tapas bar that was popular with bull fighting fans and there were literally thousands of photos on the wall. I told you that I had found the love child of Ricky Martin and Justin Bieber – see for yourself:

A real bull fighter …

Right? The hair-do, the lips, the lack of facial hair … is this a 12 year old bull-fighter??  He must have some serious stones – either way, I’m sure he did well with the ladies (or other).

Finally, I am trying to work out a post dealing with the following image:

I think we have a situation here

That’s right; it’s a bidet. I’ve never used one ……. until now.

I have questions.

Cheers from Spain  –



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  • You forgot to mention that you’re the cutest too! Although, with that red hair, Paul is doing quite well for himself. I suggest you lie across the front of the next photo, being held in the arms of all those short people who obviously should be showing you more devotion! PS That love child photo was not for me – still waiting for the Hashbrown love child photo.

  • Andrew

    This is precisely why you should be including team Build on ALL of your trips – so that you’re not the awkward tall guy in the back of every photo -we’d take that bullet for you. Later each day, you’d thank us with drinks of the red tint variety. It would all work out so well.

  • Too funny! No I didn’t know Paul had red hair. Say hi to him for me.
    Yes, you are very tall. Wear horizontal stripes you’ll look shorter.
    I’ve heard that all Spanish men start out looking like Rubin.
    Bidets are used to wash feet, etc… 🙂
    I’ve tweeted that you need answers on the bidet question… we’ll see…

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  • Fine looking group of peeps! Love reading about the trip.